6 Conspiracy Theories About JFK’s Assassination

The death of US President John F. Kennedy was veiled in controversy from the very first moments the tragedy occurred, and there have been at least 6 conspiracy theories about JFK’s assassination.

John F Kennedy was the 35th President of the United States, occupying the Oval Office between 1961 and 1963 when he was assassinated. His time at the White House was quite eventful, with various crisis taking place around the world, advancements in the Space Race, rise of the Civil Rights Movement and other exciting events.

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In 1963, President Kennedy was in Dallas, Texas, where he was trying to fix things between the democrats and the conservatives. While he was traveling through downtown Dallas in a motorcade, he was shot twice – once in the throat and once in the head. His killer was identified as Lee Harvey Oswald, but a lot of people weren’t convinced this was the truth.

In fact, a good part of the country’s citizens, some 66%, believe there was a conspiracy to kill the President while another good portion believed the truth was covered up. It’s probably similar to the numbers of people who don’t really trust the official version of the 9/11 events. You can read about 7 9/11 conspiracy theories and why they are wrong when you’re done with JFK.

Given how many shows have been created to discuss the matter and to take into account all possibilities, this is possibly one of the most discussed murders in history. We’re going to take a look at 6 conspiracy theories about JFK’s assassination.

6. The Mafia did it

There’s a conspiracy theory out there saying that the people behind Kennedy’s assassinations were part of the Mafia. The reasons behind the murder were tied to the investments the Mafia had in various casinos over in Cuba. When the administration wanted to invade the Bay of Pigs (and failed), the Mafia’s dreams of getting involved in Cuba’s crime life were ruined.

In their anger, the Mafia bosses decided to kill the one man they thought responsible, namely the US President. The theory was never confirmed, but that can be said about all such ideas.

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5. Jackie Kennedy did it

Well, it was bound to happen really – the theory that the wife killed her husband. It’s one of the favorite motifs in all crime literature so why wouldn’t it be the subject of a conspiracy theory, right? Well, some people came up with a rather outrageous theory saying that Jackie Kennedy killed her husband after hiding a gun in her flower bouquet.

If the entire thing hadn’t been filmed, there might have been a reason to suspect this to be true, but since the entire world saw the footage, it seems quite impossible. Had the assassination taken place in a more secluded location, the theory may have hold water, but in this case, it just wasn’t possible.

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4. The CIA did it

It really is no surprise that some conspiracy theorists believe that the secretive state agency did the President in, after all, there’s always the idea that the CIA, or the FBI, or some other agency is behind an assassination. Basically, whenever something bad happens in the United States, the CIA is blamed.

There are theories mixing the truth with the fantasy, saying Oswald was actually employed by the CIA to do the deed, but they fixed things to make it look like he was working alone. This is one of the 6 conspiracy theories about JFK’s assassination.

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3. The bodyguard did it

This is close to the “the butler did it” theory so popular in crime novels. The death of the lord of the manner was brought forth by the loyal butler who finally had enough. Well, sort of. The theory says that Kennedy’s assassination was the result of an accident when a secret agent fired his gun by mistake.

This all came to be when one gun expert came up with the idea during an official investigation where they tried to recreate the assassination.

2. The black umbrella killer

If you’ll look at the footage from the day of the assassination you’ll notice there’s a man that keeps opening and closing a black umbrella while the motorcade went by. The theory goes that he was the one that actually killed Kennedy, the umbrella being some kind of James Bond accessory hiding a gun inside. You know the kind – you push a trigger on the handle and the gun goes off, firing a bullet from the tip of the umbrella. It’s clear that someone watched one too many spy movies.

1. The driver did it

It was mandatory that some conspiracy theory pointed the finger at the car’s driver, right? It’s something that has to be done whenever there’s any controversy regarding someone’s death. Some believe the driver pulled the gun and shot the President in the head.

Once more, this theory may have been believable if the entire scene hadn’t been watched by thousands of people live and by millions on TV, not to mention then countless others who have watched the footage in the 50 years that passed since then. This is, however, one of the 6 conspiracy theories about JFK’s assassination.