6 Biggest Gucci Stores In the World

Fashion lovers, this list is for you: 6 Biggest Gucci Stores in the World.  French company Kering own the Gucci brand, and make it more successful year after year. Gucci is among the most popular clothing brands in the world, and it is ranked in 38th place among brands globally. Gucci is featured on our list of most expensive luxury clothing brands in 2015, where you can see their position. Tell us, were you surprised?

Tooykrub / Shutterstock.com

Tooykrub / Shutterstock.com

Gucci is a quality fashion brand, that earns massive revenues annually (around € 4.2 billion in 2008). Gucci is the most successful company from Italy, and Italy’s biggest-selling clothing brand. The sales are made through 278 directly operated stores worldwide, several dozens of franchises, and upscale department stores. Today we bring you the biggest 6 of them.

6. Gurgaon, India

This is recently opened mega-store, in the satellite city of Gurgaon, outside the capital of New Delhi. The massive store covers 4,220 feet, with collections for both men and women. People can find exclusive bags, shoes, belts, and wallets for a competitive price here, and admire the ambient of the mega-store. A grand exhibition was held during opening, showcasing iconic Gucci pieces worn by many celebrities; the scarf worn by Grace Kelly, dresses worn by Salma Hayek and Jessica Alba, and accessories worn by famous Indian actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.