6 Best Smartphones with OLED Displays

If a smartphone screen means a big deal to you, then check out these 6 best smartphones with OLED displays.

OLED displays are gaining some serious traction recently, being frequently used in TV’s and smartphones. Nowadays, smartphone manufacturers are using all different kinds of displays for their models starting from TFT LCD, IPS LCD to Retina displays used by Apple. These displays mainly use artificial backlight created by LED to light their pixels and this is the main difference between them and OLED displays.

6 Best Smartphones with OLED Displays

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OLED displays are made of pixels that illuminate themselves. Basically, they are creating their own light. This is why OLED displays are considered to be capable of producing better contrasts. Also, OLED powered devices are lighter and this type of display gives room for the creativity of the manufacturers. Currently, OLED displays are not widespread due to being more expensive, but that soon should change. According to C&EN, market research company IDTechEx forecasts that the current $16 billion OLED display sales will reach $42 billion in 2020 and close to $60 in 2026. There is an advanced version of OLED displays out there called AMOLED which enables control of subpixels and enhances the quality of the image reproduction. So, this well may be the future like the infrared blasters. If you want a versatile phone, you should check out our list of 10 Best Smartphones with Infrared Blaster and Remote Control Functionality.

To get our list of 6 best smartphones with OLED displays, we used the data provided by OLED Info that lists all the smartphones currently equipped with OLED displays. We browsed the list and took the ones that are considered the best taking into consideration the specifications and overall impression while including different manufacturers and price ranges.