6 Best Places to See in Mozambique Before You Die

We’re pretty sure the best places to see in Mozambique before you die are probably not too high on your list of places to travel to. Mozambique isn’t exactly on everyone’s life travel list as, let’s say, Italy, China, or Australia are. It’s just simply not that popular of a destination for travelers to explore, but after getting a glimpse into this gorgeous country, we’re quite sure you’ll be wanting to pack your bags and start heading here immediately.

Considering this spot isn’t on the path most travel, you can expect destinations that aren’t completely flooded with tourists, and places where you might find yourself surrounded by very few people, if any at all. Many holidayers here might be from South Africa, but overall, this country doesn’t get tourism as much as many other countries in the world.

 Best Places To See In  Mozambique Before You Die

Svetlana Arapova/Shutterstock.com

It’s a shame though, because there are so many place to see in Mozambique before you die! Who wouldn’t want to swim with whale sharks and manta rays? Wouldn’t you like to explore a massive lake by cruising around until sunset? What do you say to exploring antiquity on the old trading route between here and India? Or maybe you’re an avid surfer or diver looking for the next best wave or ticking off your experience with swimming with turtles. If just beach bumming is on your list of things to do, Mozambique definitely has you covered.

The most popular neighboring country has plenty to see. There’s no doubt that there are some great places to see in South Africa before you die , but as mentioned, there’s a reason why many people from South Africa flock to Mozambique for their holidays, there’s beauty and activities beyond your wildest imagine. Let’s delve into this magical country more to show you what is really can offer.