6 Best Places to Retire in Alaska

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When the time for retirement comes you take into consideration moving to a new place, starting a new adventure, trying out new things, so we’re going to take a look at the 6 best places to retire in Alaska.

Why Alaska, you may ask, considering that it’s so far away from one may consider the best option for retirement – sunny, great climate, little to no snow, ocean view and warm, sandy beaches. While the climate in Alaska may not fall exactly in these lines, there are many great things about this state. On top of the wonderful views offered by the mountainous ranges in the area, there are plenty of breathtaking lakes and, of course, the chance to see the Aurora Borealis.

Best Places to Retire in Alaska

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Alaska is the largest state in the United States when it comes to area, but it’s the third least populous. That means the population density is quite low, so low in fact that it is at the end of the list among all states. Alaska has over 738,000 residents, spread over 663,268 square miles, making for a population density of 1.26 people per square mile.

The state has an interesting location, bordering Canada on the east side, the Gulf of Alaska and the Pacific Ocean on the south side, the Arctic Ocean, the Bering Sea, Bering Strait and the Chukchi Sea in the west. All in all, Alaska’s coastline is longer than all other US states combined. The state has several regions, although they aren’t separated by any kind of borders, each including several areas of their own. Anchorage, its largest city, for instance, is in the South Central region, while capital Juneau is in the Southeast area.

In Alaska, the median home price is $258,100, while the cost of living index is calculated at 135.10, with groceries being quite expensive, mostly due to the efforts to transport them to the region. The crime rate in Alaska is calculated at 53 out of 100, with 1 being the lowest, so things are so and so when it comes to people’s safety. When it comes to healthcare, however, Alaska has 235 physicians for each 100,000 people, a little bit under the 261 averaged across the United States. Before we move forward, however, perhaps you’d like to read up on the 11 best places to retire in California.

For today’s list we took a look into all of Alaska’s boroughs, checking out data regarding the median home price, the average commute time, the cost of living index, crime rates and number of doctors per 100,000 citizens, getting data from Sperling’s Best Places, which unites info from a series of governmental sources, including the Bureau of Labor and the Census Bureau. We ranked the counties and handed out points for each category, then added them up for our final scores. Without further ado here are the 6 best places to retire in Alaska.

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