5 Unique Business Ideas That Deserve An Award

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Unique business ideas: Starting a new business isn’t a walk in the park, and there are numerous obstacles that can arise in the process. A unique business idea can, however, add value to the venture and give it a kick-start with some effective marketing.

There are many examples of successful businesses in this world, some which have grown in popularity, others have not. Similar to our coverage of the world’s fastest growing companies, let’s take a look at some of the most interesting ventures in operation today.

No. 5: I Do Now I Don’t


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Many couples get engaged every day and, unfortunately, some of them  fail to even make it up to the marriage. This leaves couples with unused engagement rings, for which they are offered very low prices when they try to return it to the shop they purchased it from. This might come as a disappointment to them, but there is a unique online store that deals with these types of situations. I Do, Now I Don’t purchases unused engagement rings for a higher price than the one offered on the market. After cleaning them up, they resell it to customers looking for cheap and good products. Thus, both seller and buyer get a good deal. Having started with engagement rings, this business now deals with other jewelry items as well.

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