5 States With The Highest Diabetes Rates In U.S.

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Below you can find the 5 states with the highest diabetes rates in U.S. Diabetes causes over a million deaths globally and in the United States alone, over 30 million people suffer from it. For methodology and data source, please see 15 States With The Highest Diabetes Rates In U.S.

5. Kentucky: 11.8%

Kentucky has a major diabetes problem, which is why it is now working on a Diabetes Prevention and Control Program, which aims to increase the awareness of diabetes, and encourage a lifestyle which helps discourage type 2 diabetes.

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4. Arkansas: 12.1%

It may not have the highest population in the US, but it is still reeling from the effects of diabetes, with over 360,000 people suffering from diabetes and 800,000 more with prediabetes.

3. Mississippi: 12.4%

Over 300,000 people in Mississippi have been inflicted with diabetes, and over a thousand annual deaths as well.

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2. West Virginia: 12.7%

Diabetes is an epidemic in West Virginia where 12.7% of the population has officially been diagnosed with the disease. Remember that many patients don’t even know that they have diabetes, so this number will only increase significantly.

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