5 Easiest Bible Versions to Read and Understand for Beginners

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Which are the easiest Bible versions to read and understand for beginners?

Are you feeling spiritual in the New Year? Have you decided to dive into reading the Bible for the first time or the first time in a while? Great, then we have a perfect list for you.

If you are religious or interested in exploring different religions then reading the Bible is a great place to start. However, reading the Bible is also great for those who are absolute atheists, agnostics, or who practice other organized religions. It is an interesting book that can give you insight into world history. If nothing else, the Bible is an excellent historical source document wherein you can understand a great deal about

With estimated total sales of over 5 billion copies, the Bible is often referred to as the most read book in the world. The full Bible has been translated into 636 different languages with thousands more languages having partial translations.  There are at least 108 different versions of the Bible. Versions differing from translations in that a translation is in a different language than the original while a version is an interpretation. Different Bible versions have different contexts, different interpretations, leave out or add books or verses–which ultimately can make it a more or less accurate book.

Why do we have so many variations and translations? The answer is twofold: for some editors and compilers they want to create the Bible that best suits their beliefs or agenda. The other much less cynical answer is that different people have different reading levels, and therefore need different versions. There are versions fit for more scholarly or more advanced readers – most versions of this kind have deeper words and archaic language.

As time goes by, people change, and have new generations needing a simpler, more direct translation of the Scripture. According to Biblica, the readers of the Bible belong to different reading levels, ranging from third-grade to twelfth-grade reading levels. There are different Bible translations for every group of Bible readers. If you are among the younger population reading this article, still looking for a college to roll in, we have another perfect list for you – 7 Easiest CSU’s to Get Into.

Now, the list that we have here talks about the 5 easiest Bible versions to read and understand for beginners. In order to get the results, we used these points of criteria: simple sentence structure and readability.

Bible Study Tools is a website with information on how the most popular and best-selling Bible versions are written. Most of the points used in determining the easiest Bible versions were sourced from the said site.

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