5 Biggest Gates in the World

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If you love traveling and discovering new places, you would love to read our list of 5 Biggest Gates in the World. Tourism is one of the major industries in the world. Governments are able to generate large revenues by attracting people towards their countries, which is why we see so many tourism commercials on TV.  Keeping that in mind a lot of countries embraced the idea of building huge gates as a sign of heritage and culture. Many of these gates were made in remembrance of particular event or people. They do not only serve as tourist spots but they also communicate history, reflect the struggle and promote culture. There are plenty of famous gates in the world; each unique in its own way.  Despite getting constructed in the older times, they stand tall and reflect engineering brilliance.

What do you think in which countries are these biggest gates in the world? We have three different continents here – Europe, Asia, and America. To learn on which continent is the biggest gate in the world keep on reading, and to find out something more about Asia, for example, check out our list of The 10 Richest Asian Countries in The World in 2014.


Although there is a long list of gates in the world, very few are frequently visited by the tourists. Siegestor, Arch of Constantine and Arc De Triumph are amongst the most popular names but there is one more  thing that is common amongst them – they are also the biggest in the world. So, we have researched a little and put together a list of 5 biggest gates in the world. To see which one stands on top, please read on…

5. Siegestor (Victory Gate) in Munich, Germany

Germany is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries to visit in Europe. There is a lot of history and some extraordinary historic monuments to look at. Out of all these famous monuments stands Siegestor, also known as the Victory Gate. The gate was constructed to pay tribute to the Bavarian Army. Today it is one of the most famous monuments in the city of Munich and reminds people of peace. The monument is about 21 meters in height and 24 meters in width.


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