5 Best Hookup Tinder Strategies and Statistics to Get Laid

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I never used any of these 5 best hookup Tinder strategies and statistics to get laid. I was more of an offline, in-person lay getter and highly unstrategic. I got lucky–literally and figuratively.

But you can make the difference between sexual success and spending another lonely Saturday evening watching Netflix with your cat or roommate or your roommate named “Cat.” Now you can watch Netflix with a person you want to sleep with! Or you know, whatever else it is you like to do. Having actual human contact every once and a while can be refreshing, and if not a good Tinder match then at least it will leave you with a good story.

You’ve got mail is a romantic flick from 1998 starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Their characters fall in love with each other through long, elaborate emails exchanged daily over the period of several months. If that sounds appealing to you, I’m afraid we’ve got some bad news. Nora Ephron herself would likely be impressed with the changes to the dating world in the five years since we lost her and gained Tinder in 2012. She’d likely have to write an entirely new movie about it–and it would be perfect because she was a writer among writers and a cinematic mastermind. Ephronic tirades aside, compared to today’s hookup strategies, the romance of shopgirl and ny152 in You’ve Got Mail, might as well be something from a Bronte sister’s novel.

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Today it is all about instant gratification. Getting laid has never been easier. The advent of Tinder and its popularity has made it possible for almost everyone to find a partner for some quality sack time. There are upwards of  50 million users on Tinder. But how to get those pesky right swipes? There are few rules you’d be wise to observe.

The good folks over at The Chive have gathered several scientific-backed facts that reveal what are the best hookup Tinder strategies and statistics to get laid. The first thing you must consider is that some basic things still apply in the era of digital hook ups, perhaps even more so. Given the photo only platform, the number one attention-getting device (AGD) on Tinder is looks. Simply said, be hot, or relatively hot to the person who is looking at your photo. One thing Tinder hasn’t changed is that hot people will have more chances of a successful hookup, compared to the rest of us, in fact Tinder actually has an algorithm to rate your hotness that took them two months to perfect. So, if you’re blessed with good looks or “desireability,” as the Tinder folks put it, then you don’t really need a strategy.

Those of us who aren’t professional models need to heat up the game, to get by on our wits, to put the show in showbiz–two out of those last three sayings may have been made up but, you get my point. Other important attention getting devices are humor (11%) and clever opening (17%). If you don’t feel confident in your writing skills, we got you covered with our list of Funny Tinder Bios for Girls and there is also one for guys as well.

Another thing studies have shown that many opposite-sex seeking men and women use Tinder differently.  A study in London evaluated 250,000 male and 230,000 female profiles-important to note that the study only followed white users to, as they said, eliminate more variables. The study found that men like a larger portion of the women they view, while women are more discriminating. They also found that women are much more likely to message a match then men. So while women are more picky, they are also more engaged.

Apart from The Chive, in choosing 5 best hookup Tinder strategies and statistics to get laid we used an interesting piece of advice given by successful male Tinder users on Bustle and official Tinder blog, a absolute wealth of information on the inner works of their app.

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