4 Weird and Unique Museums in The World

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If you’re fan of culture and art, today we have a treat for you: 4 Weird and Unique Museums in The World. Today there are thousands of museums that you can visit around the world, showing interesting pieces of our history and culture. Museums are the major cultural and historic landmarks; they tell stories about famous people who shaped the course of history. Some of the most famous sculptures in the world are showcased in museums around the world. We listed most famous sculptures in the world as well.

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Iconic pieces of art, architecture, rare and exquisite items from the past awake the excitement and awe – you’re able to be in the room with the artifacts used by the greatest people who ever lived.
Museums are the places that won’t leave you aloof. They can hold some of the weirdest items and collections in the world. Today we’re bringing you museums that you won’t expect existing, the weirdest of them all.

4. The Museum of Bad Art

Brookline and Somerville, Massachusetts, USA

Wouldn’t you believe this is a museum dedicated to showcasing bad arts? After the visit to the Museum of Bad Art – M.O.B.A., you will experience exhibits of an awful art from around the world. Their slogan is “too bad to be ignored”.

The M.O.B.A. has a website with virtual galleries where you can browse the collections of this extraordinary museum. You can even donate items to the museum, and it might get included in the collection if it fits the standards.

The old basement in Dedham, Massachusetts was turned into the impressive collection by craft enthusiasts, who are striving to have an extraordinary collection since 1994. So far around 600 pieces are showcased in this museum.


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