4 Reasons China is a Threat to the US

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As the balance of power slowly shifts away from the West and towards Asia, many believe there are several reasons China is a threat to the US. Of course this does not mean that these two nations are on the brink of war, nor that they will engage in combat anytime soon, but rather that the US’ hegemonic position as a superpower is in danger. In other words, the rise of China to superpower status is not far away (if it has not already achieved it), meaning it could take on a far more important role in global politics and even compete with the US for influence.

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If you read our previous post regarding the 9 facts you won’t believe a majority of Americans don’t know, then you are aware that some issues do not transcend to the general population. The reasons China is a threat to the US can easily be included in this category, since global politics and strategic considerations are usually not of much concern to your average Joe. In fact, a shift in the balance of power might even go unnoticed in the US, especially if it comes about in a peaceful manner. On the other hand, powerful nations have rarely abandoned their position as world leaders without putting up a fight, meaning we could be entering a time of increased political turmoil.

Either way, the threat that China poses to the US in the short-term is not of a military nature, but rather one of increased competition. In the long run, nobody knows how US-Chinese relations will develop, meaning the possibility for conflict is always possible. Hence, taking a closer look at the reasons China is a threat to the US is crucial to understanding the foreign policy of both countries and how it could shape their future paths and relationship.

Although we cannot speculate as to what the future holds, there are some facts that indicate where things are heading. China has been growing economically for decades and has been extending its reach to markets all around the world. The US on the other hand has been struggling to remain competitive, whilst making more enemies than friends on the political front.

Without looking too far into the future, there are already several reasons China is a threat to the US, as you will learn about in the following list.

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