3 Most Wanted Drug Lords by DEA in 2020

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Below you can see the list of top 3 most wanted drug lord by the DEA. For our methodology and extensive coverage please see this article.

3. Jesus Alfredo Guzman

We told you earlier about El Chapo’s son who was released a few hours after his arrest, because the Sinaloa carter wreaked havoc in Mexico. He was involved heavily in the business of his father, and while Mexico may have come under pressure to release him in order to save innocent lives, the States does not really feel the same which is why Guzman is in hiding.

El Chapo

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2. Julio Alex Diaz

He may be one of the most wanted drug lords by DEA in 2020, yet there is precious little to learn about Julio. He is a 46 year old Dominican who is wanted in the States for the distribution and possession of some of the most dangerous drugs in the world, including heroin, cocaine and fentanyl.

Worst Drug Trafficking Countries in the World

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