25 States with the Highest Suicide Rates in America

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Have you ever wondered which those states with the highest suicide rates in America are?

Around 800,000 people commit suicide annually, and suicide has become among the top causes of death for adolescents and young adults of 15-29 years. A great majority of suicides happens in low- and middle-income countries. Among some of the highest suicidal countries are Zimbabwe, Uruguay, and Cameroon, but also some wealthier countries like Poland, Latvia or Hungary (for the full list go through the 30 Countries with the Highest Suicide Rate in the World). Since we are here, you might also be interested in highest suicidal cities in 2017, so you can check out our article 26 Highest Suicidal Cities in the World. We are sure that highest suicidal cities 2016 list is somewhat similar.

States with the Highest Suicide Rates in America


And what is the situation in the US? According to the World Health Organization’s report for World Health Statistics 2017, annual crude suicide mortality rate per 100,000 people in the US is 14.3 which is a relatively high figure (compared to global suicide rate which is 10.7 per 100,000 people). If you are interested in data concerning the highest suicidal states in 2017, go to the 11 States with the Highest Suicide Rates in America.

Among the important factors that impact suicide is depression a condition with growing rates. In the US only, for example, 16.1 million adults (or 6.7% of adults) suffer from depression, and the majority of that belongs to age group between 18 and 25 years. Depression rates by state vary, and according to some data from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for 2010, among the top depressed states are Mississippi (14.8%), West Virginia (14.3%), Alabama (13%), Oklahoma (11.3%) and Tennessee (11%).

Preventing suicide is very important, and especially recognizing first signs of problems, since a lot of them happens as a result of some mental illness. But on the other side, some suicides happen unpredictably, after some emotional breakdown such as financial problems or everyday life stresses. It seems that economic status is one of the major depression causes, having in mind that population below the poverty level is 2.5 times more stricken by the depression than the population living above the poverty level.

To see which states with the highest suicide rates in America are, we have searched for some statistical data. We have gathered figures from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics, with the freshest data from 2015 concerning this issue. So, we have made our rankings according to a number of suicide deaths per 100.000 people.

Let’s proceed now next to see which states with the highest suicide rates in America are:

25. Vermont

Suicide death rate: 14.8

In 2013 suicide was the 8th cause of death in Vermont, and it was mainly caused by mental disorder and alcohol and drug abuse. The male population is more prone to commit suicide, as much a 3.5 times more than women.

States with the Highest Suicide Rates in America

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