15 Most Expensive Perfume Brands in The World

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Your perfume is your signature and ensuring that you carry one that matches your style is essential. Today, we’ll share the list of the 15 most expensive perfume brands in the world, to see what your ideal style may cost you.

While perfumes and deodorants are both used to add a fragrant spark to your personality, both lie in different territories. A deodorant is created by using chemicals and artificial fragrances while trying to mimic the original aroma of a plant, flower, or another perfume. This artificial concoction lasts for a very short time.

Perfumes, on the other hand, last longer and are made using the essences of fragrant plants. An eau de parfume/perfume has more than 15 percent concentration of the fragrance, which makes it extremely strong and long lasting. However, you must be ready to dish out a lot more money to buy perfume. While the average perfume can cost upwards of $100, there are some perfumes that cost thousands of dollars. Ralph Lauren Corp (NYSE:RL)‘s notorious perfume promises old Hollywood glamour, while Estee Lauder Companies Inc (NYSE:EL)‘s DKNY continues to be the most costly perfume.

Most Expensive Perfume Brands In The World

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So, what makes a perfume so costly? In general, a perfume is a concoction of various fragrances blended together to create a new fragrance that you will love. The rarer the ingredients, the costlier the cost of making the product, and hence, the pricier the perfume. Jasmine, tuberose, ambergris, musk, and rose oils are some ingredients that are very expensive and pump up the price of perfumes. Sometimes, perfumes are costly because they are developed by celebrated connoisseurs of fragrances and are available only for a limited time. Celebrities may also lend their brand power and whatever perfume expertise they may have to help develop unique (and pricey) fragrances of their own.

There are 8 categories of perfumes- woody, citrus, oriental, fruity, spicy, oceanic, green, and floral. You can carry one of each category so as to match different occasions or simply choose one that suits your personality and style the most.

It is one of the only categories in luxury products where both men and women have an equal number of options to sizzle and dazzle. A great perfume is an essential for a great wardrobe. After finding out about the best smelling perfumes, be sure to also check out our list of the 15 Most Expensive Men’s Suits Brands in the World. We know that your wardrobe deserves the perfect companion in the form of a musky, woody, and masculine fragrance.

Women usually prefer floral and fruity perfumes and they align perfectly with an expensive branded sundress or evening gown. For a little black dress, a woody fragrance could be your companion. However, if you are planning a great date, opt for a floral and fruity smell for a more romantic appeal.

Specially designed perfumes with rare or hard to produce ingredients have sold for thousands of dollars and many enthusiasts keep a stash of cash ready to buy expensive and exclusive fragrances. Let’s find out the perfumes that demand the highest price in our list of the most expensive perfume brands in the world, beginning on the next page.

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