25 Mind Over Matter Quotes, Techniques, and Philosophies

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If you are going through a rough patch emotionally or mentally, please take a look at our list of 25 mind over matter quotes, techniques, and philosophies.

Our minds are very complex, and crammed full of endlessly complicated neurological information. It is scientifically proven that our minds control our entire lives, from our personal feelings to our behavior towards others and even our physical health. It is truly amazing what our minds can do when given the opportunity. Oftentimes, I have cursed my own brain for not functioning the way it is supposed to (for typical neurological standards). But a lesson I have learned over the past few years, is that my brain is impressively powerful, and can work to overcome even its OWN limitations. When one part of my brain is shutting down or not responding to situations the way I would prefer it to, another part will pick up and attempt to piece together a solution. The human mind is a wondrous thing.

Sometimes, it can be rather difficult to remember that the brain possess some amount of power to change our own emotional and mental states. Learning to focus our thoughts and energy is a great way to battle things that take a great toll on our emotions and mental health. There is no single fool-prof method to cure mental and emotional distress. But it is important to be able to accept that our minds are unique, powerful, capable, and interesting, and that using that knowledge can propel us toward our ideal selves. 

And it is true that the more we learn, and develop our brains, we become more open towards new things, ideas, cultures. We become more open-minded; and, speaking of that don’t miss our article on 7 Most Open Minded Countries in The World.

Our list of quotes does not adhere to a rankings system. We compiled this category of quotes from ConsciousPanda and BrainyQuote, and then chose the 25 most viewed. We then sorted the quotes based on which spoke to us the most (purely a matter of personal opinion).

Please find some inspiration in our list of 25 mind over matter quotes, techniques, and philosophies.

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