25 Largest Lakes in the US

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Today we are going to take a look at the 25 largest lakes in the US. Click to skip our introduction and methodology and jump to the top 10 largest lakes in the US.

Do you like water-related activities? Do you love wiggling in a small boat in the middle of the water? Do you also enjoy when water drops roll along your face while swimming? If so, you will surely like this compilation of the biggest lakes across the United States. As for me, my absolutely favorite activities are all related to water. In other words, I love everything related to water, swimming, boating, diving, rowing, or just lying on the shore and letting water hugging and cradling my body. I love water in its every state of matter, even ice and snow. I adore all natural waters, from the smallest streamlet to the oceans. According to the famous, Ancient Greek philosopher, Empedocles, water is one of the four classical elements, alongside earth, air and fire, and these form the substance of universe.

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At first, let’s make clear what is the definition of a lake. Basically, it’s a basin filled with water and surrounded by land, being fed by rivers and brooks. Located on land, they are not part of any oceans and seas, and they are differs from lagoons. There are several types of lakes, such as freshwater lakes, meteorite lakes, fluvial lakes and artificial lakes, just to name a few. Artificial lakes are generally built for agricultural and industrial or recreational use, among others. In this compilation you will find man-made lakes that were created for hydro-electric power generation, but actually they are tourist attractions, too. The top five lakes in our article form The Great Lakes of North America – Superior, Michigan, Huron, Eirie and Ontario Lakes. According to Visual Capitalist, The Great Lakes are the economic growth engine of the United States. Incredible, but true fact if this region were its own country, it would mean the third-largest economy across the globe with its amazing GDP of $6 trillion. The region is involved in agriculture, automotive and space industry, manufacturing industries among others. The region also produces billions of dollars valued of minerals year by year. As we have written earlier in our article of 15 largest iron ore producing countries in the world, the United States is among these countries due to the mines in Minnesota. Pennsylvania is the largest producer of met coal, which important for manufacturing steel. Food and agriculture industries of the region are also surpassingly significant, as you can see in top 10 largest agricultural companies in the US by revenue, such as Fresh Del Monte Produce (NYSE:FDP), CF Industries Holding (NYSE:CF) and The Mosaic Company (NYSE:MOS), just to name a few.

In order to create the list of the largest lakes in the US, we consulted the National Atlas of the US, and ranked the lakes by surface area. You will see man-made reservoirs also in the compilation, because all of them have significant role for several industries, such as energy, tourism and catering. In this article you can take delight in the magic water surface, and perhaps you can find the new destinations of your next travels. If you liked this article, we also recommend you to read 50 most forested cities in US.

And now, without a further ado, let’s see what are largest lakes in the US, starting with 25:

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