25 Cheapest Countries to Live in The World

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Our list of the cheapest countries to live in the world can be very useful if your boss suggests you move overseas for a year or two. It’s informative and with a bunch of tips and tricks for living “large” and working in the countries mentioned below.

Figuring out how to adapt to a new environment can be pretty difficult. It can be even more stressful if you don’t speak the language. So, if you don’t want to force yourself learning it, and risking to feel overwhelmed, we suggest you reconsider your moving destination after checking out our list of the Cheapest Places to Live in The World That Speak English.

But why stop there! Imagine living dirt cheap on the beach, surrounded by the sunshine, smelling the sea, hearing the ocean and feeling the breeze all year round. Sounds beautiful, right? We found at least 16 Cheapest Places to Live in The World on The Beach in case you dare to set sail in search of the sunniest neighborhood.

Cheapest Countries to Live in The World


Since most of the countries from our list can be considered as third world countries the one who decides to experience living abroad should accept circumstances, such as different lifestyle compared to the USA way of life, often poor or non-existent service, and of course, cultural shock. Not to mention considerably high crime rate and poverty that one can witness or in a worst case scenario to experience. It’s the flip side of the coin if you choose to emigrate and settle down in one of the following countries. In other words, you get what you pay for. So, before making any big decisions, think about all details of how you want to live and remember that money isn’t the only issue.

But, as for this article, it is, so we did a little survey using information gained from Expatistan and Numbeo and their rankings regarding cost of living in each country. Expatistan’s ranking is made relative to the cost of living in the Czech Republic and Numbeo’s central reference was NYC. After overlapping their lists of cheapest countries to live in, what we picked for our list were 25 of them mentioned in both lists. Furthermore, we checked out the ranking of those countries according to the local purchasing power index. After all, this list is not just another manual or guide for expats and we asked ourselves how much money the citizens of those countries need, to make it through the month. The final touch was the data obtained from The World Bank website regarding annual inflation for each country for the year 2016. In cases when the data for this year were not available, we used the data from the year 2015. Once we combined everything mentioned above the list of the 25 cheapest countries to live in the world was made.

So, let’s see where in the world you don’t have to dig deep into your pockets to make a decent living!

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