25 Best States For Psychiatrists

Lay down on the couch it’s time for the best states for psychiatrists. I have two good friends who are psychiatrists. They are also married. They also have twins. They are really on a roll–I mean, what do YOU think? I’m sure if they didn’t live internationally they might be wondering where is the best place to put down roots–as well as get to the root of one’s underlying mental health issues.

Well, that’s the thing though–a common misconception. Psychiatrists aren’t the ones who help you get to the root of the problem. They are the ones who prescribe the drugs. Psychologists are the ones who help you talk about, analyze and find coping strategies for your problems, all in all, to get better or better able to live with whatever you’re trying to figure out. Again, psychiatrists are also a part of this–just not the part most people think they are, they don’t do the talking–they are the ones who prescribe the drugs. If you and your psychologist think a medicine might help you–they will refer you to a psychiatrist.

25 Best States For Psychiatrists


It’s all a bit confusing and is why I refer to my psychologist as my “shrink” and my psychiatrist as my “medicine doctor,” to my friends and family. Even though it makes psychiatrists sound very spiritual and new age–almost like I’m going to a mental health shaman–it actually helps keep away the confusion. If you are a psychiatrist, or training to become one, you already know all of these things. What you may not know is where is the best place to call home. Well, we’ve got the list for you. You may also be interested in the 25 Best States For Pharmacists.

In looking for the 25 best states for psychiatrists, we had to consider three equally important values. First is the annual median wage offered by each state, since the wages usually top our deciding factors when it comes to looking for a job. Second, we considered the employment rates of each state to know how much they need psychiatrists in their area. This will usually determine how challenging it would be to get a job in that state. Lastly, we also searched about the cost of living expenses for each state. This will give you a concrete idea of what to expect from your salary since knowing how much you have to spend on your basic needs will let you know about your would-be net pay.

The data about each state’s annual median wages and employment rates for psychiatrists were sourced from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. On the other hand, the information on each state’s cost of living rates was derived from the Missouri Economic and Research Information Center.

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