25 Best States For Physicians and Surgeons

If you are a physician or surgeon looking to find your perfect new home state, take a look into our list of the 25 best states for physicians and surgeons.

Many people have a great fear of visiting the doctor. I have personally had quite a few awful and particularly traumatizing experiences with various medical professionals. Most notably was a situation in which my appendix was actively bursting, and I ended up waiting for 12 hours (with no pain killers) and almost going septic before my parents hijacked a wheelchair and rushed me to a different hospital. Because of most peoples’ innate fear of doctor’s offices and hospitals, medical professionals have a great responsibility to not only perform their main medical function, but to also provide some level of bedside comfort to their patients. 

25 Best States For Physicians and Surgeons


The decision to enter the medical field is quite a commitment. A medical education in America generally requires a 4-year Bachelors degree, a 4-year medical degree, and 3 to 7 years spent in an extremely intense residency program. The hours are long and irregular. The mental, physical, and emotional tolls are enormous. Your entire life is dedicated to the wellbeing of others. This can— of course— be extraordinarily rewarding, but also quite stressful.

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Deciding which states qualify as the “best” is not a simple task. Different factors matter more to different people. We decided to consult the Bureau of Labor Statistics for information on the average mean wage and the number of employees in each state. We then sourced information on the cost of living index from Missouri Economic Research And Information Center. Considering all of these factors, we were able to sort our list.

Without further ado, here is our list of 25 best states for physicians and surgeons.