25 Best States For Massage Therapists

Are you a massage therapist looking to relocate to a new state? Before you make any decisions, take a look into our list of the 25 best states for massage therapists.

There are several factors to consider when researching the perfect place to call home as it relates to your career: employment rates, cost of living, and annual median pay. When asking which state would be the best to live in as a massage therapist, all three of these factors must be carefully considered in relation to each other. It would be a mistake to only consider the potential for the biggest paycheck, as cost of living can detract from raw income, and the employment rate is crucial to how much time you may need to dedicate to looking for a job.

 25 Best States For Massage Therapists

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In order to compare states and come up with our list of best states for massage therapists, we sourced information about employment rates and annual median income from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, while the data on each state’s cost of living index was derived from the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center. Each state was ranked according to each of the three criterion, and these rankings were then averaged.

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