25 Best States For Accountants and Auditors

Tax season just drew to a close, but we still need to know the best states for accountants and auditors.

I did my taxes by myself on TurboTax and I had a really good time with it. It made it super easy for me to input my information without having to think about it and then I got a few hundred dollars direct deposited into my account two weeks later. I don’t understand taxes and I had never done them before, so this was a great option for me. There was no way I was going to find someone to do them and pay them for it, mostly because I wanted to do my taxes alone and at home in my pajamas. It’s a beautiful concept.

25 Best States For Accountants and Auditors

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I’m quite proud of accountants because they actually enjoy numbers and don’t break out into hives when they see tax forms. When I got my W-2 in the mail I was immediately concerned even though it’s the simplest of tax forms and nothing like what most people need to work on. That’s why they hire accountants and auditors because they can file the paperwork correctly, accurately, and with as little error as possible. One of my biggest fears is being audited by the IRS because I accidentally filed my taxes wrong. Everyone has to do taxes though, and if you’re an accountant you might want to take a look at the highest paying countries for accountants.

In order to create this list of best states for accountants and auditors, we took statistics for the annual average salary and number of employees in each state from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. From there, we looked at the cost of living index in each state from MERIC. It’s important to look at both the annual salary and the cost of living index when trying to determine where to live because if the salary is too low in comparison to a high cost of living, it’s probably not a great option. The best states are the ones with the highest salary and lowest cost of living, so we took the average of those two factors in order to create our list and rank the states.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best states for accountants and auditors.