25 Best Selling Products Online in 2017

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Some of the top products sold online can be found in our list of 25 best selling products online in 2017.

We all know that Amazon is one of the world’s most profitable online destinations, so that’s where we went to find our items. Some people think this website is primarily for books, but even though that is one of their main sellers, there are thousands of other items of all types for sale as well.

To compose our list, we simply took some of Amazon’s best selling items and ranked them by both star ranking and number of reviews. One of the website’s features is a best sellers section which includes only the most popular products they sell. Each item that makes the best seller cut has a special orange “#1 Best Seller” banner that appears alongside it. This way best sellers can be easily spotted by buyers.

But watch out- some products on Amazon may have the phrase “best selling” or “best seller” in their title or description, but unless it also has the orange banner to prove it, this claim can’t be trusted. We ranked many items with this telltale orange banner, and gave them scores based on two factors: star ranking and the number of reviews. For star ranking, we gave an item 1 point if it was ranked anywhere from 1 to 4.5 stars. This is because we wanted those items with 5 complete stars to be set apart. These items with 5 stars received 2 points.For a number of reviews, we gave no points for items with up to 100 reviews, 1 point for items with 100-5,000 reviews, and 2 points to items with 5,000 to 10,000 reviews. Items with 10,000-50,000 reviews received 3 points, and items with over 50,000 reviews got 4 points. This means that the total points possible is 6, but the best item on our list only reached a 5 with its score.

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This scoring system may sound harsh, but we wanted to make sure only the very best selling products were highlighted, and when you’re only ranking best selling items, that’s not really asking a lot. Some of our items have received tens of thousands of reviews.As a side note, remember that reviews and number of reviews can always change over time. So if you’re not seeing these same numbers by the time you click on these items, don’t be surprised.

According to AOL Finance, in 2016 the best selling products online on Amazon included a Lady Gaga album, a women’s waist trainer and two games including Cards Against Humanity and Pie Face. (Does this tell us something about society or what?) And though these were some of the results when we typed best products to sell online 2016 in Google Search, the results for best products to sell online 2017 are vastly different (Shopify names off liquid and liquid-proof phone cases, Bluetooth speakers and fairy lights.)If you’re curious, Business Insider says some of the top selling products online in 2015 included the older, bigger version of the Amazon Echo, Timex watches, and Mott & Bow Jeans. As for the year 2014 check out our list of the 10 best selling products online that we researched back then.

And if you’re a seller in India, some of the best selling niche products online in India are mobile phones, music, fashion, and cosmetics according to Online Seller Tips. If you’d also like to know some of the best things to sell online to make money, see our list of 10 best things to sell online to make money. Finding products to sell online from home can be a lucrative business for those who’d rather not leave their couch or get dressed to make money.

Otherwise, we hope you enjoy our list of 25 things best selling products online in 2017. You may find an item or two that you’ve already bought yourself. And we even included YouTube videos of these products being reviewed. You’re welcome.

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