25 Best Crime Documentaries on YouTube

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In case you’re looking for some good documentaries that can be watched for free, our list of the 25 best crime documentaries on YouTube is a perfect starting point.

Crime documentaries are definitely not for everyone. They often revolve around unsettling subjects and can feature scenes that may cause you some serious nightmares. On the other hand, they are very interesting, since most of them are based on true events. When you watch a movie, no matter how terrifying or unsettling it is, you always know that the movie is a product of someone’s imagination. But when you watch a documentary that features some horrific crimes or scary things, it is different. This is why the authenticity of crime documentaries is their main appeal.

25 Best Crime Documentaries On YouTube

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Crime documentaries sometimes have significance besides just presenting a certain criminal or event to the audience. They can have a serious impact on peoples’ lives. For example, there are some documentaries that are credited for finding new pieces of evidence in criminal cases and helping wrongfully convicted people prove their innocence. Examples of these documentaries include The Thin Blue Line and Making a Murderer. Crime documentaries have also been credited for finding out who committed certain crimes or found new pieces of evidence that helped the progress of crime investigations. One example of such a documentary is HBO’s acclaimed documentary miniseries The Jinx. If these types of documentaries are not what you are looking for, then you will most certainly find something interesting on our list of the 25 Best Full Length Documentaries to Watch on YouTube for Free.

Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL)‘s YouTube now has 1.3 billion users globally, and about 300 hours of video are uploaded to the platform every minute. It’s also become a hotspot for the documentary crowd, with thousands of documentaries being hosted on the platform, as well as the heated debate that tends to go along with many of them in their comments sections (you’re better off never reading comments to any videos on YouTube, lest you want to lose your faith in humanity). 

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In order to create our list of the best crime documentaries on YouTube, we decided to turn once again to IMDb’s database of documentaries. We narrowed the list to documentaries that were labeled as crime documentaries and sorted it according to each film’s IMDb rating. Then, starting from the top-rated ones, we checked each documentary for their availability on YouTube. During that process, our list took form and we were able to get the best documentaries you won’t have to pay to watch. We didn’t take into consideration documentaries that were shorter than 30 minutes or had less than 10 ratings on IMDb. Let’s begin then the countdown of the best crime documentaries on YouTube then, starting on the next page.

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