21 Most Successful Startups of All Time

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If you are wondering about the 21 Most Successful Startups of All Time, here is all the information you need.
When you talk about the most successful startups in the world, you don’t just gauge their success by the number of followers they have on Twitter or the kind of office they have. These things alone cannot tell you how successful a company is. So, the question is – how do we find out the best in the lot?


The amount of capital and the rate of growth are two important factors in the assessing the success, however, the industry, cultural and social impact are also important to consider. It is certainly difficult to make a judgment, considering the fact that there are so many successful startups out there, however, here is a list of 21 Most Successful Startups of All Time. Other than this post you might also be interested in – our list of “The 5 Most Profitable Online Businesses You Can Start Today.

21. Rovio

Standing on number twenty-one is Rovio. A Video Game Developing company, founded in 2003 with its headquarters based in Finland. After the huge success of Angry Birds in 2009, the company was able to raise $42 million in VC funding.

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