21 Most Successful, Funniest Tinder Pick Up Lines

If you don’t know what to do next when you get a Tinder match, why don’t you try one of our 21 most successful, funniest Tinder pick up lines? They will surely kick off the conversation in the right direction.

Although you may think everything will go smoother after you cross that first obstacle called Tinder match, the truth is somewhat different. That’s the easiest step; the real work begins after. You need to start the conversation and get the person interested enough so you can show off your qualities and maybe get a date. Most people blew it here, not knowing what to say and they wasted their opportunity. If you are a guy, and you still have trouble getting matches, check out our 10 most successful Tinder bio examples for guys that will surely be helpful.

Like with any other aspect of online dating, you also need to be confident, creative and funny with your Tinder pick-up lines. Complimenting tastefully also works. Simple “Hey, I like you, let’s grab a coffee!” doesn’t work anymore. Ok, maybe it does if you are a girl, but the guys have to work harder than that. They need to use pick-up lines effectively to generate interest from a girl, and most of them lose it here. Most will use cheesy pick-up lines, and the girls will be thrown away by that. On the other hand, if you use the correct pick-up line, there is no stopping you.

Although our 21 most successful, funniest Tinder pick up lines are mainly aimed toward guys, they can be easily used by girls who want to take the initiative. We browsed through countless Tinder pick up lines that can be found on Appamatix, Reddit, PUA More and Virtual Dating Assistants among others. The ones that were creative, funny and were often recommended entered our list of most successful, funniest Tinder pick up lines. Use them properly and your luck will soon change.

21. “I have 4% battery remaining. I chose to message you. Did I choose wisely?”


21 Most Successful, Funniest Tinder Pick Up Lines