20 Most Expensive Basketball Shoes of All Time

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No, you are not about to read about the most expensive basketball shoes in 2017, as we prepared something much better – we will reveal to you the most expensive basketball shoes of all time! Still up for it?

Once I started researching this topic, I realized basketball could be a very expensive sport. Starting from balls to sportswear, the prices are very high! Even though we weren’t able to find information about the world’s most expensive basketball ball, one thing was cleared for us – most expensive basketballs are the ones covered with genuine leather. And who can afford them? Well, the professional players  and teams of course! Did you know that one of the most expensive basketball players is Stephen Curry? He signed the contract worth of $201 million this year!

 Most Expensive Basketball Shoes of All Time

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Every fan of basketball, or basically any other sport, would say that it is “more than a sport”. And in some sense they are right. People who watch, cheer and follow sport develop feelings towards it, towards the team that plays or even particular players. Furthermore, real followers are usually interested in clothes the players are promoting, the music they listen or even what kind of food they eat. That implies that if a sportsman is representing some company, that company can gain a lot on their popularity. So naturally, companies have a big interest in “having” their own sports person.

The most profitable of all companies are probably the shoe ones. For example, Nike is the world’s largest company not only for athletic shoes, but for other sports equipment as well. Moreover, their global annual revenue is more than 32 billion US dollars! Then we have Adidas whose sales reached € 19.3 billion for the year 2016. All in all, sports stores and brands popularity is something that will not change in a near future. People are getting more and more into being fit, sporty and to eat healthy, and moreover they are absolutely ready to spend a lot of money on it.

Not to get too far from our original topic, let’s explain the methodology we used in order to create the list which you can find on the following pages. First, we browsed the Internet a lot in addition to take as many suggestions as we can from the sites such as Sole Collector, Sneaker Freaker, Stockx, eBay and Sneaker News, to name several. Then we checked for each suggestion their highest price, compared them and voila – we got the list of most expensive basketball shoes of all time! For the sake of reference, the average price for decent Nike basketball shoes goes in a range from $80 to $160, according to their site.

A special notion for the basketball lovers – don’t get disappointed, but the most expensive LeBron James shoes are not on the list! Even though it sounds impossible there are more expensive basketball shoes such as  Nike Air zoom Kobe 1 and Adidas Golden KB8. Also, just to keep you interested, our number one on the list are in the same time one of the most expensive basketball shoes in the world that were sold in 2017. What’s more, if you are not just interested in basketball shoes, but all the other types as well, we suggest you to read 25 Most Expensive Shoes in The World. Not to prolong it anymore, let’s check out our list!

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