20 Easiest Countries for White Guys to Get Laid

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In this article, we will take a look at the 20 easiest countries for white guys to get laid.

The benchmark for many young women searching for spouses has traditionally been white guys. Based on what several students of color told Lisa Wade, who wrote the 2017 book American Hookup, she claims that “in some ways, hookup culture is a white thing.” Based on the results of the Online College Social Life Survey (OCSLS), it was found that among men, Latinx men had the most hookups (a little over two), White men had the second-highest number (about three), and Black men had the lowest number (a median of one). Asian men had the fewest hookups (one), followed by Latinx men and White men.

Although this demonstrates that hooking up is more common among white people, it also demonstrates that it is certainly not just a “white thing.” In fact, it is done nearly equally by Black and White guys.

If you are searching for the best countries to get laid, the answer will depend on your preferences. For those willing to pay for intimate services, countries known for being destinations for it, such as Thailand, can provide such experiences readily, with options like arranging “room service” at the hotel for immediate companionship. However, if your main goals are meeting someone and engaging in casual encounters within a short period, your social skills and approach will play a huge factor. If someone enters a club or bar projecting a negative image and lacking confidence, the chances of going home alone that night increase significantly. Positive social interactions and confidence can play a crucial role in determining one’s success in such situations.

20 Easiest Countries for White Guys to Get Laid

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Our Methodology

We used six different sources (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) to thoroughly investigate the 20 countries where white men may find women the easiest. At first, each time a country was featured in a source’s list, it was given one point. Initially, there were over 42 countries listed in these sources. These factors were then used to rank the countries, yielding the list of the 20 easiest countries to get laid.

You can also take a look at our article, titled, 15 Countries with Most Faithful Wives in the World to have an idea about the best countries to date a woman. Or you can go directly to the 12 Easiest Arab Countries to Get Laid, to find out what Arab country most fits your desire.

So without further ado, here are the 20 easiest countries for white guys to get laid.

20 Easiest Countries for White Guys to Get Laid

20. Tunisia

In September 2017, Tunisia enacted a law that permits Muslim Tunisian women to wed non-Muslim males. Marriages between people of different religions were formerly illegal in Tunisia. For 44 years, that law has been in effect. Previously, a foreigner who wanted to marry a Tunisian lady had to possess a document attesting to their conversion to Islam. Such a credential required a laborious process to get. The good news is that Tunisian women are quite attractive. They are kind and loving, yet powerful enough to run a large family.

19. Uruguay

The young girls in Uruguay are beautiful. They find foreigners attractive. Speaking Spanish is a huge advantage. If you’re considering traveling to Uruguay to check out the women, you might want to start studying some Spanish because the biggest danger of coming there is that you’ll probably want to remain. For expats from other, more costly countries, Uruguay is a great place to live. It is a preferred nation for those with fixed incomes, particularly pensioners.

18. Spain

Spain is a great place to look for a gorgeous woman. Both Spanish people and Spanish ladies are incredibly gorgeous and sophisticated. Once you’ve gotten used to the “thera,” a lisp that Spanish speakers adopt when speaking, learning the language is quite simple. Spanish people are highly social. There are social gatherings created specifically to bring single individuals of various ages together in a big metropolis. There are festivals organized in rural communities for this exact reason, and some even bring single ladies in by bus from other regions to meet the available single males during a social event sponsored by the village community.

17. Taiwan

When stunning females knock on the hotel door in the night to formally offer their services as government-licensed massage therapists and prostitutes in Taiwan, many western men visiting Taiwan for the first time on their own are surprised. To prove this to visitors, they even proudly display identity cards.

16. Poland

Polish women are hard-working, ambitious, and intellectual, much like women from any Western European or Scandinavian nation. They also frequently have more conventional beliefs and opinions about gender and family roles. Of course, they are also really gorgeous. Their justification for dating American men is straightforward: the majority of them believe that American men treat their wives better than Polish guys do. Although it’s not as though Polish women want to leave their nation, it’s frequently about the desire to raise their future children in a better environment with a greater quality of life.

15. Romania

Although it has certain economic issues, Romania is not the poorest country in Europe, and Romanian women are not drawn to American men or wish to go to the US because of these issues. For the majority of these women, it’s about respect and independence since Romanian culture, like that of the majority of Post-Soviet nations, is still mostly traditional and patriarchal. Romanian women developed a 21st-century worldview more quickly than males. They desire equal treatment, and American males are best suited to grant these wishes.

14. Czech Republic

The females in Czech are very different. Because the Czech Republic is an impoverished country, the average Czech female on an international dating site doesn’t want to date an American. These ladies like American men because they consider dating a foreigner to be hip. It works precisely the same way with women from Scandinavia, the UK, Canada, or France; they don’t believe American men are the greatest. It’s just a nice experience for them.

13. Russia

The fact that these Russian women have already gone to the trouble of figuring out how to go to another country is the reason why they desire white men. They typically do this in an effort to improve their lifestyle and get better employment. For Russian expats who reside and/or work in other European nations, there are social clubs available. They are excellent locations to meet Russian ladies.

12. Venezuela

American men, especially white Americans, are adored by Venezuelan women for a variety of reasons. Of course, Venezuelan poverty is a factor as well. Since the economic crisis in this nation began in 2010 and things are only getting worse, it is clear that more and more Venezuelan women wish to emigrate. However, it’s also about the same “machismo” culture and the same need for respect that many women in Brazil and Mexico share.

11. South Korea

Due to the high number of American soldiers stationed close to Seoul, South Korean women are accustomed to seeing and being around foreign men, particularly Americans. Previously, if you proposed marriage to a South Korean woman, she would have been hesitant to leave her country. Considering the constant fear of conflict with North Korea, many stunning South Korean ladies would be more than pleased to leave their nation and relocate elsewhere.

10. Vietnam

After being devastated by the Vietnam War, Vietnam is making a remarkable recovery. Bangkok, Thailand, and Saigon’s capital share a lot in common. Prostitution is prevalent. Human trafficking is a serious issue, just like it is in Cambodia.

9. Mexico

Mexican women are gorgeous, sensitive, raucous, and extremely passionate. Furthermore, when it comes to international dating, they are incredibly well-liked among American men. Of course, Mexican women don’t think American men are the finest in the world. However, they continue to hold the opinion that American men are more polite and less likely to exhibit the stereotypically “macho” behaviors (such as domestic violence) that are prevalent in Mexico.

8. Cambodia

White men in particular are appealing to Cambodian women because they provide the possibility of a better life with them as spouses. In Cambodia, particularly in the nation’s capital, Phnom Penh, prostitution is widespread. Additionally, pedophilia and human trafficking, which include the selling of minors, are major issues in Cambodia.

7. Indonesia

The Indonesian populace is polite and warm-hearted, and they often get along well with tourists. As the COVID pandemic recedes, foreign visitors are returning in droves to Bali, a well-known resort island. Due to the high rates of extramarital sex in Indonesia, including that involving foreigners, a new law was passed in 2022 that stated that foreigners who had sex with a married or unmarried local could draw police attention if reported by that person’s close relatives, and they could be punished with up to 12 months in jail, even if it is not considered adultery.

6. Ukraine

There are many misconceptions about Ukrainian women being anxious to find a foreign knight to save them from their country; thus, when one thinks of countries that adore American gentlemen, Ukraine is typically the first place that comes to mind. Well, when such preconceptions were pervasive among local females a few decades ago, this may have been the case. The reasons now are different. These ladies are mostly interested in dating American guys because they wish to raise their future families in a nation with better living conditions. Many Ukrainian women, however, are motivated by other factors; some of them think that American men are more focused on marriage than Ukrainian men.

5. Brazil

Women from Brazil are incredibly attractive, sensitive, feminine, and passionate. Unfortunately, Brazilian males generally lack these qualities due to their macho culture. Instead, they choose nice, loyal, polite, and honest men.When it comes to international dating, Brazilian women are also quite accepting, accommodating, and unprejudiced, which makes it simple for American men to approach them.

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4. Philippines

Similar to Thailand, the Philippines is a popular destination for sex tourists. An evening with a female prostitute only costs around $20 USD. In Manila, there are several clubs where you may go, have a drink, and see a plethora of stunning females, all of whom have numbers on their lapels. Simply tell the bartender which female you want, pay the exit charge for her to accompany you, and take as many as you want. There are several “love hotels” that may be reserved for a short playdate or, if desired, an all-night stay.

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