18 Company Team Building Activities: Indoor and Event Ideas

Today, we present you with 18 company team building activities: indoor and event ideas. Pick one or a few and help your employees create a productive and fun working environment, to everyone’s satisfaction.

We have already covered similar topics, so if you are looking for team building activities for work small groups, then our article Quick and Easy Team Building Activities for Small Groups can also help you. In that article, you can find even 5 minute team building activities, if you really don’t have too much time to spare.

Many team bonding ideas on our list are indoor team building activities, but we also cover team outing ideas. Also, you may want to know that we cover some free team building activities, if you don’t find office material such as paper, pen, or a few stickers something to be considered as costly.

18 Company Team Building Activities: Indoor and Event Ideas


Not only companies and enterprises are aware of how important team building activities are, but also schools. So is there any crucial difference between team building activities for students/kids and company team building activities? While there can be some overlaps and those that are good for kids, can also be played by students, and employees, there are those that are more age appropriate and better themed for each. Since we are covering company ones in this article, let’s name a few well-known for students and kids, as some of you will find these useful as well.

For kids, we recommend Blind Retriever. It is a simple game in which each team should guide a blindfolded team member to bring an item. The team who does it first wins. Kids love this game, and by playing it, they earn how to trust each other, and now to communicate.  For somewhat older kids, high school students, for example, we’ve picked out Machinery in Motion. To play this game, students should be divided into teams, and each team should be assigned a machine that they should assemble with their bodies (for example a smartphone, vacuum cleaner, TV). They can make noises, move, create a play in a way. With this creative team bonding activity, students learn to work together, while having a lot of fun.

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To form our list of various company team building activities: indoor and event ideas, we used plenty of sources such as The Balance, Blog.Hubspot, Wrike, WhenIWork, to name a few. We picked some that are most often recommended, but also, to be honest, those that seem most fun to us! Here at Insider Monkey, we also like to play, hence we searched well for this article. Let’s check out what we found, and along the way we will tell you our favorites, expecting your pick as well in the comment below.