17 Most Expensive Hublot Watches

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Wondering about the 17 most expensive Hublot watches? Hublot is a watch making company in Switzerland, and while contemporary watch making companies in the country have been established for over a century such as Piaget and Rolex, Hublot was a recent addition to the industry, being established in 1980.

Carlo Crocco, an employee of the Binda Group, left the company in 1976 in order to create his own watch making company. While creating the first natural strap ever in watchmaking history, the company failed to attract any customers initially, though it quickly became a huge success.

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The company gained worldwide success after appointing Jean-Claude Biver as the CEO, who launched the Hublot ‘Big Bang’ chronograph, which earned the company several awards.  Due to this success, the company currently owns and operates around 50 boutiques. The company was later bought in 2008 by the French company LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE.

Over the years, in order to increase its presence globally, Hublot has been a sponsor in many major events such as sponsoring the Manchester United football team, while also sponsoring other major clubs such as Paris Saint-German and Juventus Football Club. Furthermore, maintaining its interest in football, Hublot was declared to be the official timekeeper of the 2010 and 2014 Fifa World Cups.

While the average Hublot watch may be beyond the price of some people, the watches in this list are beyond the reach of even the average rich person, costing tens of thousands of dollars, at a minimum. These may be comparable to the 6 most expensive Panerai watches in the world as well. We compiled this list by tracking news sites and auctions conducted by famed auction houses Sotheby’s and Christies.

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