17 Easiest 2-3 Ingredient Cocktails Anyone Can Make At Home

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If you are looking to impress your friends next time they come over for drinks, this list of 17 easiest 2-3 ingredient cocktails anyone can make at home is perfect for you. Not only these cocktails are easy to make, but they are also aren’t expensive and, for the most part, can be made out of ingredients found in almost any home. So, instead of just serving beer, try spicing the evening a bit and make a list of cocktails you’ll serve. With a little practice, you’ll be making them just like a professional bartender.

Easiest 2-3 Ingredient Cocktails Anyone Can Make At Home


All six of basic drinks David A. Embury mentions in The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks (AKA the Cocktail Bible) are present. All 17 are listed as IBA (International Bartenders Association) official cocktails. Not that it makes them any more or less delicious, but there’s a comfort in knowing you aren’t just making things up as you go, as my friends like to accuse me when I tried to improve their drinking habits.

Drowning the sorrow of an existential crisis in alcohol has been a cliché of almost every office for a long time and Insider Monkey is no exception. Now, when people hear word cliché, they almost invariably have a negative connotation, but, to be honest, some clichés are good. Drinking in office while your bosses think you are hard at work is one of them. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about hiding your moonshine in a file cabinet and taking a sip every time no one is looking. No, what I have in mind is waiting for your boss to leave and throwing a small office party. After years of this practice, the staff at Insider Monkey has developed a list of simple and easy cocktails you can easily make in your home (or office, we don’t judge).

The criterions for this list are simple. First, the cocktail has to be easy to make, regardless of how drunk you are. This means that all cocktails that require mixing with your right hand while standing on your head or some sort of equipment not usually found in a home are out. Second, the list of ingredients has to be simple, without any arcane stuff, like Absinthe and similar hard-to-obtain things, especially any of the most expensive alcohol brands in the world. Also, ingredients need to be flexible. These 17 easiest 2-3 ingredient cocktails anyone can make at home are listed in order of personal preference.

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