17 Cheap Date Ideas in NYC

If you’re looking for some great activities to do without breaking the bank, take a look at these cheap date ideas in NYC.

I’m under the impression that you don’t have to spend a lot for a date to be amazing. Maybe it’s because I generally have hardly any money to spend, but some of the best dates are the ones that are free or inexpensive because it’s the thought that counts. If you’re spending time with someone you really like and enjoy, the activity doesn’t necessarily matter as much as long as it’s something you both like and can have a great time doing. My friends and I always try to do activities that won’t break the bank because we’re all young and don’t understand the concept of savings accounts as well as we should so we seldom have a ton of extra money to spend.

17 Cheap Date Ideas in NYC

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New York City offers a ton of things to do, but most of us are under the impression that it costs a lot of money to have a great time. When I first moved here, everything I wanted to do was so expensive, but then I met a bunch of friends who have their favorite spots and activities that are much cheaper and also a lot more fun. Of course, splurging and treating yourself and your significant is nice for special occasions, but it’s not something most of us can do every single time. The best relationships are the ones where just simply spending time together doing nothing is a great date. For more suggestions, take a look at some things to do in NYC with boyfriend.

In order to create this list we used Guest of a Guest and Rally to see some suggestions for cheap dates. We gathered ideas that were inexpensive and on both lists as well as things that overall seemed really interesting. Then, we calculated the price of each date option for ranking purposes. The cheapest date is at the top of our list and it’s sorted by the price.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some cheap date ideas in NYC.