16 Most Hated Countries in the World in 2015

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What are the most hated countries in the world in 2015?

Hate is a strong word that many people impulsively use, without considering its true meaning. When they say they hate specific country, they usually mean to say that they don’t like it. Don’t misunderstand us, we are not saying there is no hatred in the world, of course there is, unfortunately. But when someone, for example, says ” I hate Canada because of Justin Beiber”, we are all clear that he doesn’t actually hate.

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So, what could be the reasons for someone really hating a country? There can be a plethora of reasons – war, actions opposite to common sense or opinion of the majority, “unfair” laws in that country, or any other extremely bad experience you had there. But, even then, people should be aware of the fact that the government is usually the one pulling strings in one country, and that we all should avoid generalizing and making stereotypes. Which is so hard nowadays, with the constant media brainwashing.

For our sources in compiling a list of 16 most hated countries in the world in 2015, we’ve used various lists and forums that discuss the same topic. The only credible pool we were able to find was made by BBC, in which they surveyed more than 26, 000 people, to find out their opinion on different countries’ influences in the world. The only problem with this pool is that it was done 4 years ago. Nevertheless, chances are the list has not changed a lot, and that at least few of the most hated countries in 2012 are still among the most hated ones in 2015, since hate is not something you easily loose, right? But, of course, we didn’t stick up only to this source, we’ve checked for more information, and found more recent opinions on this topic that we have combined making our list of most hated countries in the world in 2015. And if you are also interested to see the other side of the spectrum, then check out the list of countries with the best reputation in the world.

Now, the time had finally come to see which countries are the least popular in the world these days.

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