16 Most Gay-Friendly Countries In The World

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If you’re super gay, like me, or just a fan of gays, or just a fan of countries–you’ll need to see the 16 most gay-friendly countries in the world.

You would think New York City is a gay heaven–which is also the name 10 Hell’s Kitchen dance clubs and you’d be right. I love being gay, not that I had any say in it–a gay witch cast a spell on me by feeding me rainbow sprinkles. I also love New York City. So I love being gay in New York City.  I love working my gay job, eating a complete gay breakfast (toast, tons of fruit, fewer eggs than you’d think), watching the gay evening news, going for a gay run and gay sleeping for 8 gay hours a night (gay hours are approximately 22 minutes)–basically I’m just carving a radical line through the American way.

Okay so maybe I’m gay boring. But I feel lucky to be so boring. There are still many gay people who do not enjoy boring lives but rather every day is a struggle–in America and elsewhere around the globe–there are plenty of very interesting, threatened and danger-filled gay lives.  Sure, we’d all expect bigotry in certain places that outlaw being gay or have a long history of hate crimes. However, even in non-conservative areas, in New York City, LGBTQ people are still not always safe from verbal, spiritual, or physical violence. It can be quite the depressing notion considering how far we’ve come.

16 Most Gay Friendly Countries In The World


So, I try to focus on what I can control or try to improve and to not focus on the rest. In order to do that, though, I need a lot of energy.  Hence the very big gay breakfast–you know what? throw so more eggs on my plate.  I also try to travel to other areas and countries so I can see for myself what the experience of being gay is for people who live there.

Perhaps, you would enjoy being gay in another country? Or perhaps you’re considering living abroad, you know, not for any specific reason…

In a 2016 Gallup poll of the US, 60% of people are satisfied with the level of acceptance of gays in America. There are a lot of LGBTQ people looking for somewhere they can be accepted. Where they get the respect they deserve. More countries are now open as to the Pride Celebrations. They even have annual events or help fund or organize, or at least allow, day to day activities for the gay community. In New York, among other organizations there is The LGBT Community Center. You can look up to their upcoming events.

The U.S. government has struggled to accept gay people, until 2003 it was illegal in Texas, and elsewhere, for same-sex couples to engage in certain sexual acts while it was legal for heterosexual couples to do so. In the 1970s the state of Connecticut denied a man from obtaining a driver’s license solely based on him being gay. And, of course, until June 2015, homosexual people were not permitted to marry each other freely or to obtain the same federal benefits as heterosexuals.

However, President Trump is said to sign the First Amendment Defense Act, which would permit anti-LGBT discrimination on the grounds of religion. What would be the take of LGBT community on this? We will have to wait until this document is signed. There’d certainly be much dispute and protest.  If you want to take your mind off of that nonsense then explore some gay movies, we have the best ones in our list of 9 best gay movies streaming on Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime.

Understanding the concept of being gay varies per individual making it is almost impossible to gather the population of the gay nation in each country, we have ranked them according to the aspects that have a greater impact on gay life in these countries, this includes: anti-discrimination legislation, same-sex marriage, and adoption rights.

Let’s see which countries made it to our list of 16 most gay-friendly countries in the world.

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