16 Most Fun Jobs in America

Life doesn’t have to be all work and no play, and that’s especially true if you’re employed in one of the 16 most fun jobs in America.

Some people don’t love the work they do, which I think would become quite tiresome after a certain point. Unfortunately, not everyone can do work they love and I don’t necessarily believe that everyone loves their jobs or has a great time doing work. Usually, the socialization that occurs in the workplace is the fun part for me. I digress — it’s a lucky thing to love your job and have fun doing it. I feel like clowns are always having a good time, and even though it wouldn’t be fun for me, they always look so happy and pure and like they’re genuinely loving life.



There are so many different types of jobs in the world and I suppose you could make anything fun if you try hard and believe in yourself. Of course, not everything is going to magically and easily become super fun. Like filing sounds boring and I don’t see how that would be cool in any way, shape, or form. No shade to anyone who files things for a living. In my humble opinion, the most fun jobs would be those that promote creativity and allow for a lot of flexibility. I’m sure many would agree with me, as some people absolutely love math or find chemical experiments to be way more fun than Adobe Photoshop, but I’m not very left-brained and can’t relate. I wonder if any of the jobs on this list coincide with the 12 Well-Paying Part-Time Jobs for Moms, as those certainly must be fun as well.

In order to create this list of the most fun jobs in America, we consulted a variety of opinions to see if they overlap, since there’s nothing necessarily quantitative about this type of list. We consulted a few sources, namely Trade Schools, Create a Career, U.S. News, and Hello Giggles. We picked the jobs that were mentioned at least twice using those four sources. There’s no specific ranking past that point aside from what potentially would be your personal opinion, but the ones mentioned the most are at the top of the list.

Prep your resumes and start applying for the most fun jobs in America!