16 Most Expensive IWC Watches

The ultimate sign of sophistication is buying one of the most expensive IWC watches. Every person in the world wants to be respected and appreciated for what he has. In today’s materialistic world, a man’s possessions can often mean everything. The respect of a man passing you by can be raised exponentially by how he dresses and what he wears, which includes an elegant watch on his wrist. Of course, most quality watches aren’t cheap, but many are worth the price.

Razvan Iosif / Shutterstock.com

Razvan Iosif / Shutterstock.com

This is where the International Watch Company comes in. Established back in the 1860s in Switzerland by an American known as Florentine Jones, one century and a half old company provides luxurious watches that only the super rich can afford. The American aimed to combine the absolute mastery of craftsmanship by the Swiss with the technology developed in the United States and create a set of superior quality, unrivaled watches. While initially, hesitation was expressed by the Swiss, mainly due to the fact that watchmakers worked at home while Jones aimed to open a factory there; this was allayed when Jones met with industrialist and watchmaker Johann Heinrich Moser, and the two then made plans that led to them becoming the sole manufacturers of watches in the Northeast of Switzerland.

The Swiss company has also focused on ensuring that the watches can easily be repaired and that replacement material is always available. In fact, the company still claims that it has the ability as well as the material necessary in order to repair any watch that the company has made since 1868, which is an incredible feat, if true.

These watches exude a class that can be matched by few other companies. In fact, maybe the 6 most expensive Jaeger Lecoultre watches are the only watches that can compete with IWC. However, even though most, if not all, IWC watches are an item of luxury, their top watches are a class unto themselves. These are not watches that can be afforded by mere mortals. Some of these watches cost as much as an expensive home. Other watches cost even more. You could buy a Mercedez or even a Ferrari for the price of some of these watches. Hence, we ranked the IWC watches according to their exorbitant price tag in order to be able to judge the best IWC watches available. We browsed through auctions held by Sothebys and Christies while also scouring reputed websites such as Bloomberg in order to determine our list. We collected all the expensive watches we found on these auction websites and ranked them according to their price. Most of the watches mentioned in this list are exclusives, with their rarity adding to their value. With this in mind, here are the most expensive IWC watches, according to our sources: