16 Medical Schools with Highest Acceptance Rates in America

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If you want to be sure that your application for medical school would be accepted, try out some of the medical schools with highest acceptance rates in America we have picked out.

It seems that medical schools are becoming more popular among young people, having in mind the fact that between 2006 and 2016 number of applicants to medical schools have risen by about 35%. But that also makes it harder to get into a medical school, because medical school acceptance rates do not follow the rising trend obviously.

On the matter of medical school admission statistics 2017, the number of applicants has increased by 0.9% from 2016 (following the trend that we have seen for the period 2006-2016). It might be of interest for the future applicants which schools have received the most applications (with more than 10,000 applications). For 2017 those were: George Washington, Georgetown, Drexel, Chicago Med-Franklin, New York Medical, BU, Tufts, Jefferson-Kimmel, Temple-Katz, Tulane, Rush and Loyola Stritch. But on the matter of finances, these are one of the most expensive as well. At Drexel, for example, you’d need around $183,000, and for Tufts around $171,000.

Medical Schools with Highest Acceptance Rates in America


Let’s now see some more interesting facts. According to researchers of AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges) on medical school acceptance rates by race and ethnicity, it seems that the highest percentage is taken by the white applicants (with 44%), followed by Asian and Hispanic or Latino (both having 42% acceptance rates), and finally African American with 34%. Concerning the graduates’ percentage, it seems that whites are again on the top of the ladder with 58%, followed by Asians (19.8%).

But anyway, if you are considering applying to a medical school, you should maybe first have an insight in which the hardest and easiest are, and you can get that information from 9 Easiest Medical Schools to get Into and 10 Hardest Medical Schools to Get Into. And if you are not bound to a specific place you could also reconsider some of the 10 Easiest Medical Schools to Get Into out of State.

The first medical school in America was the University of Pennsylvania Medical School, founded in 1765. Soon after, among the first medical schools in America was the Harvard Medical School, founded in 1782. And, having a long tradition in highest quality education, and being among the best medical schools, it can be understood why Harvard medical school acceptance rate is among the lowest in the states (being 3,5%). Maybe you should then have in mind some other medical schools with lowest acceptance rates: Mayo Clinic School of Medicine, Stanford University, and Florida State University being among the top here.

We have based our research on medical schools with highest acceptance in America on the statistics concerning acceptance rates. So we have used the data on medical school ranking on this matter that was provided by BeMo Academic Consulting, Hospital Careers, and Accepted, and then ranked them according to the average acceptance rates as you will see below. The statistics do vary from place to place, but we hope to have made the best picks – all the sources agree approximately on the figures.

But in the end, things do not seem to be that simple concerning these figures. That is because this is a statistical overview, which rather means percentages than numbers. That means that the number of accepted applicants would depend more on the number of total applicants: 2% would be 2 accepted on 100 applicants or 200 accepted for 10,000 applicants. But let’s leave mathematics for now, and go through the medical schools with highest acceptance rates in America:

16. Mercer University School of Medicine

Average acceptance rate: 11.38%

Although a relatively newly established university (founded in 1982), Mercer University School of Medicine offers some quality programs apart from MD, it offers MS and Ph.D. studies in biomedical sciences, pre-clinical sciences, anesthesia, pre-clinical sciences, clinical medical psychology, and family therapy. It is located in Macon, GA, with the second campus, opened in Savannah, GA.

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