16 Fun Cheap and Unique First Date Ideas in NYC

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Our list of 16 fun cheap and unique first date ideas in NYC will change your perspective on planning dates other than having a reservation in a fine restaurant.

Different things come to mind for people when they think of a great date. For me, I love a nice candlelit dinner in a fine restaurant. It’s very romantic. You can also always be creative and fun and there’s no need to spend a lot of money on it. I remember my first date with my husband. We were with a friend and we ate a meal and took a nice stroll. It wasn’t anything too terribly special. I had known my husband since I was a child, but we hadn’t seen each other since 2006 until we reconnected on social media. After that point, our courtship began. A super fancy date wasn’t really necessary for us. We now have a son and daughter together.

Aside from social media, online dating sites are quite popular. It’s like an instant, virtual date where people get to know each other based on a profile and a few messages exchanged. It can be dangerous though, and you may fall victim to people with hidden agendas, so be careful. 

There are a lot of options for fun, cheap, and unique first dates in NYC, since this beautiful city has tons of nice restaurants, parks, museums, and attractions. To compile this list, I took into consideration the cost and recommendations from Yelp, which is a great source to find reviews. New York has so much variety that it’s hard to go wrong picking any recommendation.

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Here’s our list of 16 fun cheap and unique first date ideas in NYC:

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