16 Business Ideas with Low Investment and High Profit

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Do you need some creative business ideas with low investment and high profit? If so, you are at the right place.

There are many different choices here, depending on what kind of business you want to start and develop. There are, for example, we can say “specialized” business ideas without investment targeting certain parts of the population, such as 10 Legitimate Online Jobs for Stay at Home Moms without Investment, for example. If you are good at making, repairing, maintaining things, then you would be interested in low investment manufacturing business perhaps. Then, if you feel comfortable working from your home and need low and small business ideas from home, why not try some of the 11 Most Profitable Home Businesses with Low Startup Costs? And finally, now, some general summary of very profitable business ideas can be found at 11 Most Profitable Businesses with Low Startup Costs.

Business Ideas with Low Investment and High Profit


Ok, preferences are one thing, but what do you really know to do and what are you good at? Talents and knowledge and experience all are the most important for this matter since there is a vast choice of all different businesses you can start as we have seen. That opens up a vast field of business ideas. But what makes a business profitable in a short time and low start-up investment also depends on location and general current trends, which means market and demand research should be done prior to starting your business.

Where to start looking for business ideas with low investment and high profit? We couldn’t cover all fields of interest, that is obvious. But, we have sought for the general ideas on places such as Commercial CapitalNerd WalletThe BalanceSmallbiztrends. As you can see, there are numerous sources for finding low investment ad high-profit ideas. But we also went on to something more specialized or specified, so for the online jobs we have looked at Makeawesitehub, or I Will Teach You to Be Rich, for example. For business ideas for small town why not, we have found some ideas at Shopkeep. Of course, we didn’t forget to seek for people’s opinions and experiences, and we have gone through forums such as Quora and Reddit. That is all nice, bunch of ideas popping up from everywhere, but how to pick a decent handful? While going through all the resources, we have picked the businesses that were mostly recommended as the most successful small business ideas or the best businesses to start with little money choice. Then we have gone through business descriptions of each of those ideas to see what are the startup costs and profitability over time.

In the end, well, these are only some ideas you can base your thoughts on, and you might notice that they are slightly more oriented towards online businesses. But as we have said, we tried to make a decent compilation of business ideas with low investment and high profit following the two main criteria – startup costs and profit. So, we hope you will enjoy our small business ideas list, and let’s now see which these ideas are:

16. Car wash

A car wash is one of those usual business ideas with low investment and high profit, simply because everybody needs a car wash from time to time. So, researching the area around you, you will get the insight if such a service is needed around. If so, it’s time to start making a car wash business plan.

Business Ideas with Low Investment and High Profit

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