16 Best Places to Visit in USA in July

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What are the best places to visit in the USA in July? You know it’s the hottest time of the year but the kids are off and you don’t have to deal with unexpected storms, so you know the dead of summer is when you’ll be vacationing this year  – so check out our list of the 16 best places to visit in the USA in July. 

I’ve personally hated doing anything in the summer. It’s too hot to garden, for pete’s sake, let alone go to a beach. But because my kids are off from school, and business slows anyway, I find myself with time on my hands.

If you are asking for trouble and want to wait till it’s hotter, check out these 10 Best Places to Visit in the USA in August.

When people are searching for their next summer destination, they are looking to see National Parks, beaches, museums and sports events among other things.

There are obviously a few different budget choices to make – but the great thing is that in recent years the definition of a certain type of vacation is changing.

I think of the National Park System as America’s greatest jewel. The Natives knew it all along, but for most kids, it’s unfathomable to approach a tree that’s 50 feet wide. The amazingness of nature abounds and the United States is really lucky to have this. The National Parks have a lot of options in terms of lodging and food, and they’re mostly low-cost, like the parks themselves. But over the past few decades, you can find luxury lodging in some of these parks. Prices can run you past $500/night – so for those who want to love nature and hike in all its glory but really need the luxury to come home to – that’s an added value that’s fairly recent.

Similarly, trips to major cities are getting cheap too. New York used to set you back at least $300/night no matter where you stayed, but the advent of a few hostels as well as folks renting out their own homes, has provided a few cheaper alternatives to the city seekers.

With creating the list of best places to visit in the USA in July we took the most beautiful, exciting and relaxing places. Places, where the events are happening, had a major role while we were searching for the best places to visit in July, because they are happening only once every year. We took information from different sources like USA Tourist and Grammy for events, Travel Channel for beaches and Travel US News as well as Frommers for beautiful places.

Let’s take a look at the list!

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