16 Best Jobs for Highschool Students with no Experience

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If you are looking for jobs that require a high school diploma and no experience, then you will really make use of our list of the best jobs for highschool students with no experience. We all have been in your shoes, looking for high paying jobs for highschool students, which is why we have done a little research today and created this list that should help you. And, if you are skeptical about finding jobs that require no experience but pay well, don’t be. Just stay with us, and see for yourself.

The last time we have focused mainly on high paying jobs with high school diploma only, meaning that pay was our main criterion for the list. We are talking about the article 15 Highest Paying Part Time Jobs for High School Students, so if you haven’t, check it out as well. So, this time we are looking for jobs that require no experience or qualifications but are paid well, as well as fun. We really did our best, and we hope you will find our list helpful. Also, if you have more suggestions, we would really appreciate to hear them in the comments below.

Best Jobs for Highschool Students with no Experience

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Still not sure whether you should get a job while still going to school? Are you afraid you won’t have time for studying? Well, let us tell you something from personal experience – it is all matter of good organization. With good organization, you will have plenty of time to do everything. To study, to work part-time and to have fun as well. And getting a job at that young age has many benefits, besides, just getting money. You will develop great working habits, which will come in handy when you get older and find a permanent job. Good organizational skills are always useful, and getting some working experience in any field is also desirable.

So, how did we find the best jobs for highschool students with no experience? First, we checked a few sources such as ZipRecruiter, LocalWise, and TheInterviewGuys, and then we looked at their recommendations. Then, we checked the average salary for those jobs on PayScale, and we mixed it all together to get our unique ranking. So these are the jobs that are most often recommended as great options for teenagers who have no experience, but also the jobs that offer good salary. Let’s check them out!

16. Busser

 Average pay per hour: $8.33

You clean your table after a meal at home, right? Then, you have enough experience to take this job. It is a perfect job for those who don’t want a position with great responsibility or to work under pressure, and the pay is also quite solid.

Best Jobs for Highschool Students with no Experience


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