15 Top States for Human Trafficking in 2019

Although the year has just begun, let’s see some predictions about the top states for human trafficking in 2019.

Human trafficking is far from being a curable disease of human society, even in developed and first world countries. This is also the case with the US, of course. Human trafficking in the US involves both inflow of foreign people in the country and the local population. According to the statistics of the National Human Trafficking Hotline and Polaris BFree Textline, more than 49,000 trafficking cases were reported during the last decade in the US.

15 Top States for Human Trafficking in 2019

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Of all types of human trafficking, sexual exploitation is number one also in the US. More precisely – out of more than 10,000 reported human trafficking cases in 2017, around 7,200 were for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

But today we are not focusing on the type of human trafficking, but on the general statistics countrywide. We have done the research for the last year on the same issue, where we included some of the worst stats for human trafficking in 2018, which you can check out in our article on 12 Top States for Human Trafficking in 2018. Getting into more detail, concerning the top cities for human trafficking in 2018, there was no any reliable information on a worldwide level, but we did research which concerns US cities, and you can read more about this in 16 Top US Cities for Human Trafficking in 2019. Concerning the previous years, on the matter of the top US cities for human trafficking in 2017, there is a nice visual representation made by Polaris, showing the map of the cities and areas with the highest density of human trafficking for this year.

As we can see, situations in the top 10 states for human trafficking in 2017, or already mentioned top states for human trafficking in 2018 do not differ dramatically, which also stands for this year’s situation. This fact shows that the local government does not take enough effort in preventing human trafficking cases and that this is a very hard thing to fight since human trafficking is a very developed industry. International Labour Organization estimates that human trafficking is a $150 billion industry, of which $99 billion belongs to sexual exploitation.

We used some statistics provided for the last year since there is still not enough relevant data for 2019. However, it seems that trends remain more or less the same concerning the issues of the top states for human trafficking. So, we used the statistic provided by the National Human Trafficking Hotline, where reported cases were counted. Unfortunately, the number of unreported ones is unknown, so the situation might look a bit different than what we currently know.

As the top 10 states for human trafficking have kept their positions over years, the same situation is to be expected for 2019 and on. But, let’s see if there have been any oscillations in the number of reported human trafficking cases recently between them, and which the new incomers are in the 15 top states for human trafficking in 2019: