15 States with Most White Population in America

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This article about 15 states with most white population in America will present you a list of “whitest” states in America.

Although the United States is a multicultural, multiracial country, demographics show that white Americans are a majority. According to the United States Census, six categories are recognized: white American, African American (or black), Native American and Alaska Native, Asian American, Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander. The final category is called “some other race.” Hispanic and Latin American are identified as an ethnicity rather than race. According to World Atlas, most Hispanic states in the U.S. are Texas (38%), California (38%) and New Mexico (47%). If you are wondering which are the “blackest states” in the U.S., some of them are Mississippi (37.3%), Louisiana (32.4%) and Georgia (30.5%), to name a few.

 States with Most White Population in America

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While many (naively) believe that racism is thing of the past, statistics available on our list of 15 most racist states in America ranked by hate crimes in 2017, show otherwise. The New York Times published an interesting map which shows the distribution of races in the major U.S. cities. The map shows the percentage of race within each city and it is logical that each of these larger cities will have some percentage of all races. Believe it or not, there are cities and towns with almost 100% of white population, and according to some data, these cities include Wyoming (PA), Farmer City (IL), Minster (OH), and a few others. As for the major cities with highest white population — some of them are San Antonio (TX), Seattle (WA) and Denver (CO), to name a few. You might want to check out our list of 10 whitest cities in the South as well.

This list of 15 states with largest white population will tell you more about the distribution of the white population in the U.S., or at least about states with the highest percentage of white Americans. In order to compile this list, we used a couple of sources such as ABC News report, Demographics’ racial dot map and data provided by Kaiser Family Foundation. Since the Kaiser Family Foundation provided news data (for 2016), we made the list of states by white population according to the percentage of white population states on this website. Then we checked the statistics provided by US Census Bureau and compiled the final list. States with the highest percentage are ranked higher on our list of 15 states with most white population in America. Let’s take a look.

15. Indiana

White population: 84%

African Americans make 9% of the population in Indiana, Hispanic or Latino 6%, Asian 1%, two or more races 1%, some other race 2% and Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander, Alaska native below 1%.

 States with Most White Population in America

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