15 Most Expensive Domain Names of All Time

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These 15 most expensive domain names of all time prove that even simple things like website names can be a luxury to acquire. The internet has been the focus of a lot of development and opportunity over the years. It’s not really surprising considering how much people use the internet today. It has provided a lot of opportunities and has even given many careers that wouldn’t have existed if it was not for cyberspace. Owning a specific name or set of names online can be expensive. The reason why these domains became so expensive is because of the fact that they are so simple. Any person could simply discover and remember these domain names due to their simplicity.

We see a lot of popular websites using simple and easy to remember domain names. These have helped retain visitors and increased traffic. Even the widely used social media platform has some names that are quite easy to remember and have even become the norm in our languages. A few examples are listed in The 10 Most Used Social Media Websites Today. Owning a piece of internet property can now be as expensive, if not more expensive than owning real estate or physical property.

These domain names are ranked based on how much they sold regardless of when the domain names were bought. It’s also notable that some of these websites may no longer exist due to some circumstances we are not aware of. Let’s go through these 15 most expensive domain names of all time.

15. Beer.com

Beer is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks in the entire world. It is also probably the most common drink depending on what part of the world you’re staying at. Beer.com was bought during 2004 for a sum of $7 million. If you check the site now you’ll find no website and that the domain is for sale once again for $5 million.

Most Expensive Domain Names of All Time

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