15 Largest Public High Schools in New York City

We all know how big the population of New York City is, so it’s only natural to create a list of the largest public high schools in New York City.

New York City is home to some of America’s biggest companies. It’s said to be the US’s center of commerce and it’s also famous for its many universities. According to the NY Daily News, New York City’s public high schools dominated the top 10 high schools in the entire state. The top was determined according to the diversity of the students and the quality of education they provide. It isn’t shocking, then, that when you look at the largest high schools they’re also probably some of the best.

15 Largest Public High Schools in New York City


What we’ve aggregated here is a list of the largest public high schools. This will be determined according to the number of students enrolled in an academic year. The more enrollments, the larger the school. It’s fairly logical methodology. According to the NYC Department of Education, the city has a total of 1.1 million students, and with over 500 public high schools in the city, it’s the largest school district in America. It’ll be interesting to take a look at and see if any are in or near the 10 Worst, Poorest, and Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in New York City.

In order to find our data for this list, we searched for the public high schools with the highest enrollment. The data was sourced from the NYC Department of Education and the New York Post. We also got some information about each school’s offerings since big schools tend to offer a lot of extracurriculars. Keep reading to learn about the largest public high schools in New York City.