15 Largest Private Employers in The World

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The list of 15 largest private employers in the world represents the most successful private companies with the highest number of employees as an indication of business achievements and accomplishments.

If you are one of the hard-working, diligent and ambitious people, then this article stands for an open possibility for family-run business or privately held company to grow profitable and become one with the higher employees’ base.

Diagramming the world’s unemployment rate from 1991 until 2016, The World Bank data had measured the lowest unemployment rate in 2007 of 5.54% while the highest is noted in 1999 of 6.599%. Regarding geographical area with the highest rate of unemployment in 2016, the African continent seems to be dominating according to the World Bank map. On the contrary, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) released a document where the unemployment rate in Qatar is listed as low of 0.4%. In order to avoid the negative predictive values, the global market has created a remarkable growth in job expanding. Thus in the USA, about 209.000 jobs were added only in July, and about 150.000 more need to be added to maintain the expanding balance in the economy.

The crucial strategy of the prosperous and constructive business is a constant growth and development that leads a business to entrepreneurial greatness. The basic rule in a market economy is to hire more in favor of growing business. The companies with the highest number of workforce, especially in the private sector, seem to be in a minority compared to those in public or government-ruled sector. Naturally, state-owned companies are in better financial status than those managed and controlled by individuals. According to the World Economic Forum, the largest employer in the world 2015 was of the state-ruled basis, the US Department of Defense, while the largest employer in the world 2016 was Walmart, of public basis. Walmart also keeps its position as the largest employer in the world in 2017 with 2,300,000 employees, which also makes both Walmart and the US Department of Defense the largest employers in the US. For a deeper insight into the situation in the USA, check our list of 11 Companies With The Most Employees In The US.

With regard to the size and population, the staggering number of 5.4 million employees working in the USA sets this country in the top 5 countries with the largest employers in the world. The following countries are China, with the total number of 4.8 million, then India with 2.7 million employees, the UK hires 1.6 people and Taiwan more than 1.3 million. It was once assumed that the largest employer in the world was Indian Railway, according to its population size. The current statistics on the number of employees are in the favor of the country three times smaller by population, the US. Besides the Indian Railways and Indian Armed Force, that are on the list of highest employee strength companies in India, there are also India Post, TCS, State Bank of India and Infosys ranked on the list of the largest employers in India.

The sources used to form the list of private companies with the greatest number of personnel is the information published at the World Economic Forum, a few lists announced on Forbes related to the private and public companies, and Fortune’s report on 500 biggest employers. During the research, the private companies in Europe and Asia are also examined. Comparing the numbers of employed staff and the type of sector, including available data, we will present the 15 largest private employers in the world.

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