15 Largest Food Companies in the World

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In today’s article we will list the 15 largest food companies in the world. Please continue to see the 5 largest food companies in the world. The food industry is a branch of industry that deals with the processing of food for human and animal needs and its main task is to meet the food needs of consumers. In a pre-industrial society, man grew food himself, or sometimes even traded it, exchanged food, while today only a certain part of society is engaged in food production. Today, the meat industry, fishing industry, dairy industry and bakery industry are developed.

However, the corona virus pandemic has put the food industry around the world in front of severe logistical problems such as falling production, closed borders and canceled orders. During the Covid-19 crisis, the food industry proved to be one of the most resilient to the new difficult situation, so companies in that area do not think that their business is endangered. Therefore, the food industry sector is defined in the system of classification of activities and includes the production of food products of agriculture, forestry and fisheries for food, and includes the production of various intermediate products and a number of by-products of lesser or greater value.

15 biggest food companies in the world


Building a name in the world of the food industry is no easy task. People love quality and delicious food, but as with everything else, tastes are always different. That is why it is not at all easy to build a name and a brand so big, because it would mean that a huge number of people really like such food and the products. Food is necessary for man’s existence, for his organism to function and, of course, to live. But as banal as it sounds, somehow it’s the least important. Everyone is a hedonist and likes to enjoy quality meals, food and drinks. Food brings people together, and it is shared in the most intimate moments, like family lunches, weddings, birthdays. You will take the girl you like on a date to have dinner. For a healthy life, led by athletes, and all those who want to be one, special diets and healthy foods are often necessary. It’s undeniable how important food is in a person’s life, whatever the lifestyle we lead. In each of these situations, and in many others, you will want to eat something that is a proven tasty and quality product, from a company and manufacturer you trust, whose products you like. And now that we want things from the comfort of our home, many companies have evolved just to deliver your favorite food to you, more of which you can learn about if you visit the 15 largest food delivery companies in the world.

To come up with our rankings, we have used 2019 revenues as the basis for the biggest food companies in the world, starting from number 15:

15. Smithfield Foods / WH group

Smithfield Foods, Inc., is a pork producer and food-processing company based in Smithfield, Virginia, in the United States, and a wholly owned subsidiary of WH Group of China. Founded in 1936. as the Smithfield Packing Company by Joseph W. Luter and his son Joseph W. Luter Jr, the company is the largest pig and pork producer in the world. Today they are based in Smithfield, Virginia, they are the world’s largest pork processor, the largest hog producer in the United States and a leader in numerous packaged meats categories. Popular brands include Smithfield, Eckrich, Nathan’s Famous, Farmland, Armour, Farmer John, Kretschmar, John Morrell, Cook’s, Gwaltney, Carando, Margherita, Curly’s, Healthy Ones, Morliny, Krakus, and Berlinki.

Smithfield Foods has over 55 000 employees across the company, and their companywide sales in 2019, was $16B. Outside the US, the company has facilities in Mexico, Poland, Romania, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Then known as Shuanghui Group, WH Group purchased Smithfield Foods in 2013 for $4.72 billion. Dennis Organ is President and Chief Executive Officer and Glenn Nunziata is Chief Financial Officer.

Smithfield Foods, Inc. (NYSE:SFD)

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