15 Gayest Cities in America Per Capita in 2018

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Can you guess which the gayest cities in America per capita in 2018 are, or have you ever wondered what is the gayest city in the United States? Let’s find that out.

Gay population globally is somewhat a constant figure, and although there are no certain percentages, some estimations are that 3-5% of the population is gay. So that is the statistics we should see world widely, and that is of course not the case. But anyway, we should always bear in mind that surveys and researches on this topic are really only an estimate, because of the difficulty of conducting the researches themselves.

When talking about gay population in cities, which is the gayest city in the world per capita? It seems that it is Tel Aviv, a city with the most massive Pride, and also Israel being the top gayest country in the world, as you can see in the 15 Gayest Courtiers in the World Per Capita. But on the matter of the US only, you can read more on 10 Gayest States in America in 2018, and also on the matter of top gayest cities in America 2017, you can check out the Top 10 Gayest Cities in America. And on the matter of other gayest cities in the world (Apart from Tel Aviv), we can mention here Amsterdam, Madrid, London, Berlin, Barcelona, and Toronto. All these cities are very welcoming to LGBT population being highly recommended as the best gay destinations.

Gayest Cities in America Per Capita in 2018

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Conducting surveys on the matter such as this is hard. First, not all areas would be covered by the same number of the sample taken. Then, not everyone would feel comfortable answering questions about their sexuality. But nevertheless, it seems that Americans are slightly more opened towards this question. The survey conducted by Dalia has shown that around 5.6% of Europeans identify themselves as LGBTQ, where the figure is as much as double in the US, being 12.1%. But that is one of the numerous studies that are trying to get the closest to the real figure on the percentage of the gay population in the US. Research conducted by Gallup shows a quite smaller percentage of 4.1% of Americans identifying as LGBT. The third opinion, by Williams Institute of UCLA, shows an even lower figure of 3.8%. So whichever of these seems the most realistic one; they are all estimates.

For making the list of the gayest cities in America per capita, we have looked for some statistics which are more or less reliable, and at least uniformly conducted (in terms of survey inquiry and population sampling). Thus we have used data provided by Gallup statistics which was also the freshest statistic of that kind on the matter of gay population. We have ranked the cities according to gay population percentage. Now, we have to take in mind that not all sample was the same (concerning the number of people taken into survey). We have also added the number of respondents that represent the percentage of the survey, just so that you could see how unequal the sample of the research was.

The list we made here might look somewhat strange, not having New York or Atlanta on it. That is because, as we have said, we followed our rankings here on the percentage of the gay population from the survey and not the number of individuals identified as gay, as we have noted. If that was the case, New York metropolitan area would definitively take the first place with the number higher than 36,900.  Atlanta did hold the title of the gayest city in America, but even though that is no more the case, it remains one of the gayest black cities in America. Apart from these two, you probably have some idea answering question what is the gayest city in the United States. But we will see that later on.

So, let’s note once again, these are only estimates, since the true figures are hard if not impossible to gain on the matter such as a precise proportion of the gay population. But from what we have now, proceed on our list to find out which the gayest cities in America per capita in 2018 are.

15. Jacksonville, Florida

Percentage of LGBT population: 4.3

Examinee number: 4,427

Same-sex marriage was legalized in Florida only in 2015. And although one of the gayest cities in America per capita, Jacksonville is in this state, the emergence of true gayborhoods are still evolving, but that is making Jacksonville one of the top emerging cities of gay and lesbians.

Gayest Cities in America Per Capita in 2018


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