15 Clever, Funny Investment Club Names Ideas

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Surely Warren Buffett and his team require no help to concoct clever, funny investment club names ideas, but if you are a bit of a finance dummy –as is yours truly- then you might be in need of a little help with the basis of the matter. So, let’s keep it simple.

Before we list clever, funny investment club names ideas, perhaps we should begin by answering a simple question that I think you’ll find very relevant: what is an investment club? Well, it’s basically a bunch of people who pool their money and use it to invest in stuff. To this end, they hold periodic meetings, where they discuss previously analyzed investment possibilities and make informed, democratic decisions that they believe will profit all. It’s quite an easy endeavor in comparison to other options, and pretty cheap to form, operate and maintain. It is also a great way to make contacts, meeting people who share your interests, and learn a little something about the investment world without taking on risks too high.

15 Clever, Funny Investment Club Names Ideas


In his article on Good Names for Investment Companies, our writer Tim proposes three ideas to name your enterprise:

#1 – Naming the fund after yourself

#2 – Places/things of personal import

#3 – Impressive or stately-sounding names

As he properly states, the first one is the most unoriginal of all –that is unless your name’s a hilarious damn hoot. The second says a little bit about yourself without being plainly dull and narcissistic. The third one aims to inspire confidence in third parties by sounding encouragingly stable.

Given that we’re playing it funny and clever, I will add my own resources to find a name that will suit your needs:

#4 – Look for synonyms: whatever words you’re thinking of using, shake them up a bit.

#5 – Think of clever wordplay: everybody loves a good pun, but don’t overdo it (you’re not as funny as you think)

#6 – Keep it sassy: don’t be afraid to give a little cheek (non-fellatio related)

#7 – Use the internet: go into this company name generator and type “pussy”, see what happens.

#8 – Get ideas from pop culture: songs, movies, sayings, etc. are always a good starting point for inspiration.

My biggest advice, however, is this:

#9 – Find out what the members have in common and take off from there. Whatever, it’ll always serve you well when trying to give it a personal touch.

Methodologically speaking, I’ve found it easier to think of the clever, funny investment club names ideas in categories (five of them to be specific), which are the following:

– For gals

– For bros

– For potheads

– For mixed-race collectives

– For money lovers

What I will do is give you a brief intro in each case, and then provide you with three ideas for every category, so you actually get how it’s done. Now click next for some clever, funny investment club names ideas!

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