15 Cities with the Largest White Population in America

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What does it feel like to live in one of the cities with the largest white population in America as a non-white person?

Have you wondered why these cities have the highest white population by state? We have, so we decided to do some digging. There are some questions we will try to answer in this article as we have ranked 15 cities as the whitest in America. The term white was introduced by the USA itself, and it’s a U.S racial category. While talking about racial issues, racism in America is still alive and well, especially in these 16 most racist cities in the United States in 2017. There are many other countries that have the largest number of white people by their racial identity, so America is not alone. White people in the U.S. typically refers to those who came to America from Euro, so they can identify different races i.e., white people and Hispanic or Non-Hispanic white people. Due to racism, bigotry, homophobia and other forms of hate, we wanted to see just which are the most racist states in America ranked by hate crimes in 2017. As per a report from the U.S census bureau, 50 million Americans identified themselves as Hispanic or Latino and among them, 26 million identified as white.

Cities with the Largest White Population in America


The USA is a country of 50 states, and there are about 320 Million people live in those states. There is a huge amount of diversity of the population of the country. There are all kinds of people, and each and every one carries their own racial identity. Some people are white; some are black, some are brown and even mixed. About 50 million people among them are white, and rest are from another racial group.  But still, there are countries outside the USA with the highest white population in the world. At first, we were thinking about creating a list of top 10 whitest cities in America; then we thought why we should go with the flow? Everyone is making top 10 lists nowadays, so we have come with the idea of 15 cities with the largest white population in America, and we have found some interesting things while searching for those cities. Can you believe there still are 100 percent white cities in America? Yes, they exist. But they are mostly smaller towns. You can find some of the highest densities of white people when looking at the whitest cities in the south. We have also looked into the “most white big cities.” But white big cities sometimes do not contain the largest number of white people.

To create the list of cities with the largest number of white people, we used multiple sources. We have collected data from U.S Census Bureau, and we also looked into the World Value Survey 2005-2009 (WVS 2005-2009) and the World Value Survey 2010-2014 (WVS 2010-2014). Finally, we also collected data from Index Mundi. Then we align the cities with their percentage of the white population. So, the city that has the highest number of the white population ranked first on our list and with least white population ranked last.

We present you the list of 15 Cities with the largest white population in America.

15. Lexington, Kentucky

Percentage: 75.7%

Let’s start the list of 15 cities with the largest white population in America with Lexington city. Lexington city is consolidated with Fayette County, and this city is always denoted as Lexington-Fayette. This is the second largest city in Kentucky and also the 60th largest city in the United States. According to U.S Census Bureau, this city’s population is approximately 320,000. Due to the increasing number of people in this city, it suffers from a lot of traffic issues. Among all the population, 75.7% people are white in this city.

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